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Joomla! Security Strike Team

Last Updated on Saturday, July 07, 2007

The new JSST will call the new Joomla! Security Center their home base. The Security Center provides a public presence for security issues and a platform for the JSST to help the general public better understand security and how it relates to Joomla!. The Security Center also offers users a clearer understanding of how security issues are handled. There's also a news feed, which provides subscribers an up-to-the-minute notification of security issues as they arise.


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Preeclampsia Pregnant women who have donated a kidney are at increased risk for hypertension, preeclampsia http://t.co/xpuDbu7jfn
Preeclampsia RT @mmaribc: La preeclampsia puede causar complicaciones peligrosas tanto para la madre como para el feto
Preeclampsia RT @drabriss: La preeclampsia es una enfermedad multisistemica de causa desconocida que afecta únicamente al embarazo humano.

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