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Delivery nightmare

Delivery nightmare

I was 19 years old when I got pregnant with my son, now 2 years old. Everything was normal in the begining of my pregnancy. At 28 weeks, I noticed a lot of swelling but didn't think anything of it. At 34 weeks, I had an iron infusion and when they... Read More

Surprised with Post-Partum Preeclampsia !!!

Surprised with Post-Partum Preeclampsia !!!

I have learned so much reading others stories so I thought I would share mine...  Two years ago I welcomed my second daughter on June 6th.   The pregnancy went very well as did my pregnancy with my first.   I noticed both times that... Read More

2 Weeks Later - Please read my story

2 Weeks Later - Please read my story

Hello Everyone, my name is Stephanie and I thought I would share my story with you. On March 8th 2015, I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. My husband and I were over the moon in love and my son loved his baby sister from day one. I felt... Read More



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