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Prenatal education is key!

Prenatal education is key!

At 24 weeks of my first pregnancy, I exhibited all of the classic symptoms of preeclampsia. I just assumed these symptoms were typical with pregnancy. My prenatal care provider at the time somehow didn't recognize them neither and by the time I was... Read More

Paige and Me

Paige and Me

I was 26 years old and 125 pounds when I became pregnant in 1996. I had very little morning sickness and for the most part, my pregnancy seemed to be progressing normally. An ultrasound revealed that the baby was a girl. My doctor was a young OBGYN... Read More

Messiah's Story; My battle with preeclampsia

Messiah's Story; My battle with preeclampsia

On Febuary 1,2015 I went through the most horrific thing a woman can go through. I was 6 months pregnant (26 weeks to be exact) with a baby boy. My boyfriend and I were overly excited and already planning for Messiah's arrival. I could see the joy... Read More



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Advisor Live Webinar: Improving Outcomes in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

May 8, 2015


Grand Rounds University of Chicago

May 15, 2015


Council on Patient Safety in Women's Healthcare, Safety Action Series Webinar: Empowering Patients, Improving Outcomes

May 20, 2015


Northside Hospital CME, Atlanta, GA

August 21, 2015 


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