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2008 Vision Grants

Last Updated on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ödül "Laurie" Amburgey, MD

University of Vermont/Fletcher Allen Health Care
Topic: Cerebral Vessel Reactivity and Blood-Brain Barrier Changes with Exposure to Plasma from Pre-eclamptic Women

June 2009 Progress Report
Poster presentation at SGI 2009
Final Report

Daobin "David" Ding, MD, PhD

University of Chicago
Topic: Detection of mitochondrial mutations in preeclampsia

June 2009 Progress Report

January 2011 Abstract Submission

2012 Research Publication

Jonathan T. McGuane, PhD

University of Florida
Topic: Potential therapeutic use of relaxin in preeclampsia

June 2009 Progress Report

December 2009 Progress Report

Alexander Panda MD, MPH

Yale University
Topic: TLR expression and function of peripheral blood immune cells in preeclampsia

December 2009 Progress Report

December 2010 Final Report

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