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Healing comes to Champion of the Month Lauren Doud through Promise Walk for Preeclampsia

In February 2013, Lauren Doud was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome with her first pregnancy, after having what she thought was a severe migraine. Lauren stayed on hospital bedrest for another week and a half until February 11, when her blood pressure became uncontrollable, her one kidney was shutting down, and she was having severe liver pain, and her son Peter began having huge decelerations in heart rate. Lauren was only 24 weeks and one day pregnant when she delivered Peter – Peter was severely growth-restricted and only lived two days in the NICU.

Lauren and her husband were devastated and heartbroken. They had only been married 10 months and it took a long time to heal from their loss enough to conceive again. Their second son David was born 18 months after Peter; the pregnancy was difficult and resulted in gestational hypertension for Lauren.

To their surprise, Lauren became pregnant with their third son Charlie three years later! Lauren felt great during this pregnancy but then preeclampsia reared its ugly head again at 35 weeks. It wasn’t as severe as with her first pregnancy but because she was high-risk, Lauren’s doctors kept her in the hospital for a week and a half until she delivered him at 36 weeks. Just about ready to celebrate his first birthday, Charlie is a little firecracker!

Lauren became familiar with the Preeclampsia Foundation shortly after she and her husband lost Peter. She was searching for an answer, trying to make sense of what had happened. Lauren reached out to the Preeclampsia Foundation and found they were located in Melbourne, Florida, which just happens to be where she was born and lived for 13 years! It took Lauren a few years to get involved, but she stayed up-to-date with research.

 In 2016, Lauren attended her first Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Indianapolis with her family. She had such a positive experience that she decided to start a walk in Cincinnati. Now the family is going in to their third Promise Walk season and Lauren loves it!

Lauren’s favorite thing about Promise Walk is meeting with other survivors and being able to listen to their stories. She has met so many strong, amazing women through her work with the Preeclampsia Foundation, many of whom she considers her close friends. Lauren’s inspiration is her son Peter. Lauren states, “I do everything in Peter’s honor and knowing I am helping other women in a very scary, vulnerable time helps to heal my heart.”

Lauren also says, “If you feel inside your heart that you want to help, don't wait! Don't ignore that desire to help. If you wait until everything is perfect in your life to get involved, you never will.” Lauren’s past two Promise Walks were planned first while pregnant, and then with a newborn baby. Lauren also says, “If you're passionate about it, you will make it work and if you know someone who is pregnant, tell her about the symptoms. You never know if you might save a life or two!”


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