7 Symptoms Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

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Be prepared before lightning strikes

Preeclampsia is a serious disease related to high blood pressure that can strike fast -- "eclampsia" is the Greek word for lightning. It can happen to any pregnant woman during the second half of her pregnancy, or up to six weeks after delivery. Finding preeclampsia early is important for both mothers and their babies. If you're pregnant and experience symptoms or just don't feel right, contact your healthcare provider right away.


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Accelerate Preeclampsia Research

The Preeclampsia Registry is a "Living Database" bringing together those affected, their family members, and researchers to advance knowledge and discover preventions and treatments for preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. 



To Participate:

  1. Complete the online registry questionnaire
  2. Allow us to gather information from your medical records
  3. Return to our website at least yearly to provide us with updates


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