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Host a Local Fundraiser

Última actualización el Jueves, Noviembre 16, 2017

Want to fundraise for a great cause?

Silent Auction exampleYou can help make our mission happen in three easy steps!

(1) Decide what type of fundraiser you'd like to do: host an event, do a sale, or check out any of our fantastic fundraising ideas to get started!

(2) Contact our National Events Manager Marty Mercado at marty.mercado@preeclampsia.org so she can offer support add your fundraiser to our Events Calendar and help spread the word across all our communciation channels.

(3) Send in the Donation Collection Form along with any money you raised to our Home Office at 3840 West Eau Gallie Blvd., Suite 104, Melbourne, FL 32934. (Please convert all cash into a cashier's check or money order.)

For Fundraising Guidelines, please see our Volunteer Handbook.

Questions? Contact National Events Manager Marty Mercado at Marty.Mercado@preeclampsia.org


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