Postpartum Preeclampsia With Lasting Health Effects

Post On Saturday, August 03, 2013 By Ashley

Postpartum Preeclampsia With Lasting Health Effects

I am a new mom that was hospitalized for postpartum preeclampsia in Nov. 2012, 5 days after I had my baby, I had a slight fever and a severe neck/headache. When I returned the call to the nurse that had called me for my postpartum checkup, a different nurse answered, NOT normally in charge of that. Amazingly, she helped save my life. She told me to see the doctor. (Afterwards I found out that many nurses there would have said it was just my milk coming in, and I was fine). She was an angel.

I arrived at the doctor, and was admitted to the hospital immediately when they took my blood pressure (about 190/130 or so). Over the next 5 days, I was on magnesium and BP meds.  I saw cardiologists, neurologists, etc. I had a brain MRI to test for a stroke because my left leg was weak and painful. It was negative, thank God. I had severe neck and head pain and NO range of motion for days. My BP wasn't able to be controlled very well.  I had so many tests. I saw many specialists.  The doctors were familiar with PPE and were wonderful. The nurses said I was the only one they had ever seen with it. I felt very alone and wondered why I got this "rare" disease. I felt less alone with this website, but wish no one had to deal with preeclampsia.   

I now have a murmur and my EKG's come up abnormal (which was when I was sent to the cardiologist). I'm going to be on BP meds for the rest of my life, because I've developed hypertension. About 4 months postpartum I developed hypothyroidism, which I am also on meds for. (I am now 9 months postpartum.) 

I had constant preterm labor contractions starting at 6 months. My water broke just as I was going to sleep and I was not well rested at all. My baby passed her meconium. I was put on antibiotics and Pitocin due to trouble dilating, but no epidural. I was in labor for 21 hours and ended up not sleeping for about 48 hours. Some of that was after the baby was born. I was anemic and put on iron pills in addition to my prenatal gummy vitamins. My baby was born on time at 8lbs 8oz and is doing well.

Has anyone else had LASTING effects (medicines / medical issues) with postpartum preeclampsia?  Also, were your babies ok after the postpartum preeclampsia diagnosis? Was anyone else anemic? I wonder if there are any similarities. Did anyone get their thyroid checked during pregnancy? I didn't know if an undiagnosed thyroid disorder could have attributed to this. I wish I knew why people got this (during pregnancy or post). I pray that one day soon we will find a cure.  

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Tilted uterus?

Posted On Thursday, August 15, 2013 By Ashley

Also did anyone else have a tilted uterus?


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