Preeclampsia survival

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Preeclampsia survival

I was pregnant for 35 weeks when my blood pressure spiked.  I had never had blood pressure or cardiovascular issues before.  My O/B told me to get a blood pressure monitor.  I bought an Omron and monitored my pressure at home.  The O/B had me do a 24 hour urine collection to test for protein. The analysis came out borderline.  I kept monitoring my pressure until the following Friday when I was 36 weeks pregnant.  That was January 23, 2015.

I went to my O/B for a normal check up that morning.  They measured my pressure and it was high.  My O/B decided to reschedule my upcoming ultrasound from the following Monday to that Friday at the hospital.  The hospital obliged and I drove myself there (a very short drive thankfully).  I went to the ultrasound and the baby looked okay.  They measured my pressure and it was 170s/120s.  They decided to deliver me then and there.  I was supposed to have a planned c-section in a month.  So instead, I had an emergency c-section at 36 weeks.  One month early.

My son was born.  He was rushed to the NICU.  He had oxygen given to him and surfactant.  After this, his health stabilized for a bit.

Meanwhile, I received the preeclempsia treatment as they finally ruled that I had it.  I got the 24 hour magnesium sulfate treatment.  After this, I began to stabilize.

At five days after, both my son and I were going to be released from the hospital but a giant snowstorm caused the hospital to go into lockdown.  Nurses were working overtime.  And no one could leave the hospital.

The following morning, I visited the NICU to see my son and he was doing okay.  I changed diapers, etc. Then, I didn't feel well so I sat down.  We went back to the hospital room.  My blood pressure spiked to 188/133.  The hospitalist got involved. They ran an EKG and O2 set. I passed those.  They struggled for the next few days to find the blood pressure drug combination that would work for me.  My body failed two treatments. I was released three days later.  I spent a week in the hospital.

The same day that my blood pressure spiked, my son stopped breathing in the NICU.  That prolonged his NICU stay for five days and after another breathing episode, another five days.  He was released after 15 days in the NICU.

It took a few months for my blood pressure to return to normal.  I constantly monitored it and was on a cocktail of blood pressure medications for a few months.

Now, eight months later, mother and baby are doing well.

I am glad to be done with this experience.  I am glad to be in good health and that my baby is in good health.  I am thankful that both him and I are alive.

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