Almost gone, but made it threw the storm

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Almost gone, but made it threw the storm

On May 25, 2013 my day was like any other day. 9 Months pregnant and reaching my due date of June 3. I spent the day cleaning and organizing the last of the few things I had left. That Friday May 24 I had put in my notice for maternity leave and was excited to get some rest before my baby was born. To my surprise Saturday night into Sunday morning my water broke. Calm and in disbelief we drove to the hospital. I remember my boyfriend had to stop to get gas. I laugh now, but was ready to strangle him because the contraction were so intense.

 Finally, we made it to the hospital around 1230. Did all the paperwork and was finally sent to my room to put on my robe. Once dressed into robe the doctor checked me and I was 7cm dilated. I remember it like yesterday the nurse or doctor can’t remember who offered the epidural for the pain. I had done research and thought after 4 cm you could not get an epidural. She told me it was okay so I went ahead and agreed to it. Contractions continued to grow stronger and pain was unbearable.  A little small petite man walked in the room to perform the epidural. Then it hit me like a train. The urge to push was unbearable, and I could not control the feeling. In my mind I keep thinking not now while he is putting this needle in my back. He told me not to move and that he had to finish. But I couldn’t stop the feeling of having to push. He finally finished and I laid on my back to give out two big pushes and there she was. Brooke Abigail 8lb 1oz of pure perfection. My baby girl was here. She was perfect five fingers and five toes. The doctor finally came in after everything was over. Not realizing that my nurse had delivered my baby I hugged her and thanked her for being there because she wasn’t waiting for anyone. They notice I had a fever, and gave me medicine to reduce my temperature. Not taking any chances they kept me in an extra day to make sure my fever went down. After 24 hours hospital was ready to release me the next morning. I couldn’t wait to get home with my baby girl.

That night changed my life forever. I remember my baby girl was in the room with me so that we could bond. Then the night got really crazy. I remember talking to my little girls’ dad on the phone and began to feel really confused. I remember standing looking at the white board at the nurse station number, but I could not move. I kept telling my boyfriend on the phone that I was feeling real tired and wanted the nurse to come get the baby, but I didn’t know who to call. He advised me to press the button on the bed and they would come. I told him that I was going to lie down and would talk to him when it was time for us to be picked up. Three days later I woke up. I had been in an induced coma for three days after suffering from three seizures and a mild stroke. They said I had ECLAMPSIA. My blood pressure had spiked up, and it caused my body to go into shock. The nurse said that she was coming to get the baby, and had found me on the floor passed out from having a seizure. My baby saved my life. If it wasn’t for the nurse coming to get her I would not be writing this today. I suffered from memory loss, and lost my vision temporary in my right eye. I still suffer from depression, and struggle with remembering things. Life is so short and without any warning it can be snatched away. I had no idea what Eclampsia or pre-eclampsia was, but I want people to see my story because it might save someone life. 

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