I Denied I had it

Post On Wednesday, May 04, 2016 By KateLyn Smith

I Denied I had it

I had previously had two extremely healthy babies. Two healthy pregnancies with the exception of a bit of preterm labor during my first that had been stopped with medication.  I was a little older during my third pregnancy, 31, and because we were using preventative measures to conceive, we found out far along about our little bundle on the way. I also wasn't the pillar of a healthy mommy-to-be because of this. 

About six months in, I had a very high BP reading at a check-up. I convinced my doctor that it was because I was streseed, anxious, suffering from panic disorder. I wasn't suffering from headaches or any of the other symptoms associated with PE, so I went on my way. I missed my next visit due to what I thought was a migraine. I am blessed that my doctor chased me down.

I was seen the same day, where I spilled protein in my urine and had another BP reading of 145/102. I was put in the hospital and monitored while they did blood screenings. After everything came back ok, I was convinced it was just stress. I was put on bed rest but my middle child was severely ill with an unexplained neurological condition, so I ignored it.

I gave birth to a healthy baby girl 3 weeks early. The morning after she was born the nurse came in to do my BP. I remember bells and whistles and dings. It was like a house alarm waking us up. I spent days arguing why I didn't want to take medication until the headaches and chest pain started.

I began taking my medication that same morning and 6 months later am not fully recovered. Please listen to your bodies. Listen to your doctors. 

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