Losing Emily to Severe Preeclampsia

Post On Monday, April 01, 2019 By Cairra Hernandez

Losing Emily to Severe Preeclampsia

I was very sick early on in my pregnancy and it never really faded. I was vomiting all the time, couldn't keep even water down, was losing weight, and was in and out of the emergency room for dehydration. I was also under a lot of stress with the father of the child even though I have been assured 100 times stress does not cause preeclampsia.

Around the seventh month I finally started to feel better after a trip to Texas. According to my medical team my blood pressure was always normal and gave no reason for them to be concerned and I was due January 12. I believed I was a month earlier than they calculated and I would be due December 12. I thought I was perfectly healthy for the most part and as I started to put on weight, the doctor said it was the baby growing and some moms don't gain weight until the last trimester. I was so swollen in the feet I couldn't fit into shorts three sizes bigger than mine; I could slip in but not back out. I called my doctor and left many messages but all they advised was to rest and take leave from work asap.

On December 10 I woke with a bad headache which wasn't different but I felt really sick and different; I felt something wasn't right. My mother had five of us and figured it was first time nerves and I needed to relax. That night I had contractions well into the morning.

In the morning I went to the ER with contractions, ready to give birth. After four people came and did sonograms without saying anything to me I knew something was wrong. I heard them call for a rush medication because I was close to seizure levels when they checked my blood pressure and then a doctor came in to explain I had severe preeclampsia and blood flow had stopped going to the baby and Emily was gone. I was then given the medication and an epidural while my family arrived in time for me to push out my stillborn daughter.

I never knew anyone with the condition before me or even knew about it. All I knew was my daughter was gone and I almost died with her.

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