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Being an advocate simply means educating others about preeclampsia and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, and helping to influence government policy. There are several simple ways you can get involved. Download our Advocacy Toolkit here and Fact Sheet for Policymakers here.


Send an Email or Make a Call

Let your elected officials know you want to work with them on preeclampsia and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.


Send an Invitation

Invite your elected official to participate in a Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™ in your town.


Schedule a Meeting

Every elected official has a local office. Reach out to your elected officials on your home turf!


Submit a Letter to the Editor 

Submit a letter that should be in the news! A letter to the editor is an effective way to raise awareness in your local community about preeclampsia.


Use Social Media to Spread the Word

Use social media to advance awareness about preeclampsia. Follow us on Twitter at @preeclampsia, send a Twitter message, or post a "call to action" about preeclampsia on your Facebook page. Social media is a great way to thank your member of Congress for their support.



Use a smart phone or camera to record your story. Post it on YouTube and send an email or Twitter message to let people know about it.

Find your elected officials here !




Advocacy Toolkit

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