Help understanding urine analysis results

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Re: Help understanding urine analysis results

Post by lemons » Fri Jun 15, 2012 01:14 pm

Glad to hear that you were able to bump up your appointment and hopefully the physician will get back to you shortly! Keep us updated. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Re: Help understanding urine analysis results

Post by cgoodi1 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:23 am

Thank you for all of the help! I called to bump up my appointment and also left a message for the doctor. I'm hoping it's because of the infection that I'm spilling protein and not because of kidney damage. It is reassuring to hear that other posters have had children even though they spill protein outside of pregnancy. I am just worried sick about it and want a baby so bad! Hopefully my MFM won't be too concerned.

Re: Help understanding urine analysis results

Post by caryn » Fri Jun 15, 2012 08:33 am

Yep, you're spilling some protein outside pregnancy. The units are different from what we use here, but if you treat this as a baseline reading, you're spilling 440mg - so you'd meet diagnostic requirements for preeclampsia proteinuria if you were pregnant. It's possible that's because of a temporary issue like an infection, or it's possible that you've got a little underlying kidney damage. Or both.

Don't let that completely freak you out. We've had posters with baselines that high at the start of successful second and third pregnancies. By "successful" I mean they developed preeclampsia at some point, and maybe did some NICU time, but took home living healthy babies. Usually these levels show up in women with underlying conditions like Type I diabetes or hyperfiltrating kidneys. Even a childhood illness with a high fever can cause a little kidney damage and leave you with hyperfiltrating kidneys, so it's not *that* unusual. You'll want to talk to a few docs in preconception appointments, find out what they'd recommend in a subsequent pregnancy, and make a plan.

I can think of at least three posters off the top of my head: SaraB (one of our admins), Kara (one of our mods), and MommyBoo (who IIRC has 6 living children, all with proteinuria and preterm deliveries.) Also, here's a thread: ... 12&t=42935

Re: Help understanding urine analysis results

Post by lemons » Fri Jun 15, 2012 08:22 am

Disclaimer: I am not a physician and this is just my non-medical opinion. My first concern after looking over these results, is that you might have an infection- either a UTI or a kidney infection. There are three results that lead me to conclude this:

Clarity: Slightly clouded (clear)
Leuco (uL): mod. (100-250) (<24)
Bacteria: abondant (3+)

Leukocytes (Leuco) are white blood cells and they fight infection. And it looks like there was bacteria in your sample. After a 24 hour catch, I'm guessing that some bacteria would be normal, but yours seems to be higher than expected. If you do have an infection, the rest of the results might not be representative of how your kidneys are actually functioning. In your shoes, I would call the physician that you are going to see on July 3rd, and ask him to look at the lab results. He/she may want to treat any infection and then have you repeat the 24 hour before seeing you.

Good luck.

Help understanding urine analysis results

Post by cgoodi1 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 06:47 am

So I got back my results from the hospital myself and I only meet with my doctor on the 3rd of July. I'm making myself sick worrying because the amount of microalbumin is much higher than normal. Below are my results. If anyone can help me to interpret them it'd be fantastic!! My results are typed below and the normal values are written beside them in brackets. Anything out of the normal is underlined.

Urinary Volume (L): 0.75 (0.6-2)
Urinary proteines (g/l): 0.58
Total protein in 24 hr urine sample (g/d): 0.44 (<0.15)
Urinary Creatinine (umol/L): 16066
Protein/Creatinine (mg/mmol): 36.1 (<15)

Creatinine 24 hour (mmol/d): 11.9 (5.2-15.9)
Microalbumin (mg/L): 355 (0-30)
Microalbumine 24 hour (mg/d): 266.2 (<30)
Microalbumin/Creatinine (mg/mmol cr): 22.4 (0-2.8)

Clarity: Slightly clouded (clear)
Density: 1.022 (1.003-1.03)
pH: 6 (5-8)
Glu(mmol/L) : neg (<3)
Cet (mmol/L): neg (<.05)
GR (blood)/uL: mod. (40-99) (<12)
Prot. (g/L): weak (.25-.74) (<.25)
Nitrites: negative (negative)
Leuco (uL): mod. (100-250) (<24)
Urob (umol/L: neg (<17)
Bili (umol/L): neg (<17)
GB: 5-10 (1+)
Epith. Cel.: weak (2-9)

Bacteria: abondant (3+)

Blood work - All electrolytes are normal (Na, K, Cl), glucose levels are normal. Creatinine in the blood is normal. All blood work is normal (Gb, Gr, Hb, Ht, etc)