Anyone familiar with l-carnitine for pre eclampsia?

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Re: Anyone familiar with l-carnitine for pre eclampsia?

Post by caryn » Wed Jan 16, 2013 09:13 am

I don't know of any recent research into l-carnitine; there has been some into l-arginine, and there's a write-up available here: ... w-research

There isn't any real support for dietary interventions or magnesium in the research literature either, but I'm pretty sure grilled protein and veggies are standard pregnant fare! Keep us posted on your next scan. I hope the possible smaller size was just an ultrasound speed issue...

Anyone familiar with l-carnitine for pre eclampsia?

Post by Kksgirl » Tue Jan 15, 2013 08:10 pm

Ok, so I found a dr here in the Dominican Republic who is not only familiar with pre e, he treated his own wife for it. he has a personal tie to it. Well, he did a pretty thorough exam, considering there was a woman going into labor at his office. I'm going back Thursday with all my previous labs, to do more labs, and do an ultrasound. He did a quick scan and noticed the amniotic fluid was low. He didn't seem too concerned.....either he knows I spook easily or it it isn't that low. I noticed her head measured 23 w 5 d, and I was 25 w 2 d. My last us was 22 weeks and she was normal. But it was a VERY fast scan, so I'm trying to stay positive. He didn't even mention the size, but again, I think he sees I'm freaking out. Anyways, he seems to do things my drs in America were afraid of. Like starting me on steroid injections next week even though my bp is stabalized, my last protein number last week was 273, and labs were not extreme. I like this thinking. He warned me I WILL get fat, and I'll get stretch it would change my mind! He is also putting me on magnesium next week since he had to order it. No labs here make it. He is having me drink 2 large protein drinks daily, eat only grilled chicken, fruits and veggies. I can live with that. But something he did that struck me as odd is prescribed l carnitine 3 x a day. In liquid form. I'm semi familiar with it as my husband is into weight lifting, but only heard about it in passing. I've tried to research it but haven't found much. Some studies say taking it hurst the baby, others say it helps with blood vessels for hypertension. Anyone have any experience with this? Or heard anything about it? I'm so curious! Also, since I started it, she kicks A LOT after I take it for a couple hrs. A LOT! To the point of near painful