New and need reassurance regarding my vision

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Re: New and need reassurance regarding my vision

Post by Yohern20 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 09:48 pm

Lauren thank you I know it will get better its just a lil frustrating especially since I had "perfect vision" I know I have to be patience it's just hard.

Shannon thank you so much for your advice , scotoma sounds like what I'm dealing with I guess we will see Thursday I will def update .

Re: New and need reassurance regarding my vision

Post by Shannonlynn » Fri Feb 08, 2013 04:50 pm

Third times is a charm, that is how many times I have tried to post. Hi Yolanda! Happy to hear you and your little one are well, sorry you had to go through pre-eclampsia and HELLP *. Your story sounds so familiar to me. I had a very similar experience. First, I will reassure you that your vision will get better, maybe not quite as good as before but it will get better. I had the brown blotches in both eyes. It started right off in the left eye and weeks later went into the right eye. I wore sunglasses a lot, even indoors. I went to the opthamologist as well. What they told me was that I must have had some swelling of the brain and it pressed on my optic nerve creating enough pressure to mess up my vision. And like I said the right had much less change than the left, at first. They called my condition interesting because it was not equally in both eyes and dragged some young doctors in to see. Yay, as if the weeks leading up to that hadn't been enough weird. The carnival vision you are having is possibly migraine auras (scotoma, clinical term). I had two of them after my failed pregnancy. The auras are frightening, I thought I was possibly having a stroke since I had never experienced anything like it before. The second time I had a full-blown headache. I didn't have any more of those until after my last pregnancy. I kinda think it might be hormone change related. I had three last fall and haven't had any since. I also am now somewhat far-sighted.

I still see spots occasionally, especially on really sunny days. Hope this is helpful and encouraging.

Re: New and need reassurance regarding my vision

Post by MomTimesThree » Fri Feb 08, 2013 00:46 am

First of all, I'm so sorry you're dealing with these vision issues! They sound very frustrating, and even more so frustrating to have hubby say don't worry- if only he could see through your eyes- literally!

After our last pregnancy I felt like my vision "took a hit". My right eye was blurry and I always felt like I had to squint to see clearly and like it was "tired" was the best way I could describe it. It had never been that way before. When I told my GP she wanted me to see an eye doctor ASAP given our bouts of high BP. It turned out my eye sight did suffer (not as sharp I forget our new numbers and a stigmatism) and they couldn't say if it was just normal pregnancy related or high bp or what. It was a bit scary. As time has gone by (7 months PP) it has gotten better. My symptoms were much less intense than yours so I am glad you're going to the eye doctor and that they will be able to give you answers. Please update when you can.


Re: New and need reassurance regarding my vision

Post by trish » Thu Feb 07, 2013 07:46 pm

I found this response from our experts.

Re: New and need reassurance regarding my vision

Post by Yohern20 » Thu Feb 07, 2013 09:51 am

Thank you Trish hopefully someone will jump in and help me (sigh) it just really sucks seeing like this.

Re: New and need reassurance regarding my vision

Post by trish » Wed Feb 06, 2013 09:24 am

Welcome! I am so sorry to hear that you had such a rough start but so thankful to hear that you and baby are home and doing well. I'm glad you have an appt. with an opthamologist because that's what I would have suggested. It's only been a month so I'm sure your body is still recovering from the trauma you suffered. Even moms with perfectly normal deliveries often feel on the verge of tears PP!

Hopefully people with more experience with vision issues PP will jump in soon. Hang in there and update us after your appt. ok? (((HUGS)))

New and need reassurance regarding my vision

Post by Yohern20 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 08:43 pm

Hello ladies i have finally found the courage to write a post on here after many weeks of lurking . My name is yolanda and i came home on Jan 21 after being in the hospital for 2 weeks after i develop severe pre-e and hellp, It was the worst experience of my life and very scary. Baby and I are doing well now and very blessed that we made it and i almost feel normal with the exception of my vision.

After I woke from my emergency c-section to see my baby and a room full of family i notice my right eye was blurry and i was seeing double vision and big brown floaters in the room. I didn't know what was going on, I mention it and family and hubby were confused but no one really came in with answer. so i kept my eye closed for a few days and then i notice that the blurry and double vision went away as well as those huge brown floaters but my vision was still not the same. I couldn't watch the tv or the light was too bright but through out the days i was in the hospital i saw improvements, like i was able to tolerate watching tv and when i came home i was able to read my txt message on my phone and even be able to look at the computer screen and watch tv with out my eye straining or hurting.

Tomorrow will be 1 month since the horrific event and my vision is still not the same. my left eye is fine although i notice today i started seeing lil dots during the day if i go outside but if i cover my bad eye i notice the dots dont appear so im not sure if im seeing them from my left or right . As far as my right eye (the bad one) when i cover my good eye what i see is a bit blurry and and some objects appear further away, and if i look at my hubby face i feel like there is a brown cloud on the center of my vision but i can see through it but not clear but his face appears disoriented and smaller almost like those crazy mirros at the carnivals his forhead appears longer but eyes nose and face appear like they shrunk. if im looking at his face up close it looks normal but color is a bit off but nothing major. Now with both eyes open i see colors the same but the problem is that my vision feels like its not even its very hard to explain its not blurry with both open its just dosent feel even and it feels like i have something in my eye. Another weird thing is during the day if i go out i wear my shades my vision almost feels normal. I just dont get why that is. sometimes i feel my vision is imporving but then it feels like nothing has change. My blood pressure was 220 when i went in , my bp is normal now , not sure if that makes a difference.

My hubby constantly tells me to just give it time and that it will return to normal , and that i went through a lot (which i did) and not to worry about it. But im not sure he understand , i cannot imagine seeing like this forever. I feel like i m not myself due to this and sometimes always on the verge of tears :( I have schedule an appt with the ophthalmology next week to see what they say, Im really scare at what they will find but i really need answers , But in the mean time just wanted to see if any has had their vision similar to mine and did it return to normal? How long did it take ? Im really desperate for answers :(

Thanks in advance!