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by lparke
Mon Sep 20, 638945 7:25 am
Forum: Raising Awareness and Fundraising--Idea Exchange
Topic: Who likes Baby Fair's?
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Re : Who likes Baby Fair's?

<t>Hey Kara!<br/> I just started getting on here... I saw your post from quite some time ago about volunteering at baby fairs. I would be happy to help spread awareness to this crucial population! I would love to help at a booth at events, but can also do a lot professionally as well. I work with OB...
by lparke
Mon Sep 20, 638945 5:54 am
Forum: The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia
Topic: Volunteer Corner
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Re : Volunteer Corner

<t>Hey Tiffany!<br/> It's Leanne, PW coordinator in Raleigh. Just wanted to let you know that I've been out here in Carolina for just a few years, but before that I lived and worked for quite some time in the bay area. I do anesthesia, and still have a few good connections out there at ******* Unive...

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