Trista and Ryan

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Re : Trista and Ryan

Postby kara » Tue May 12, 637992 8:53 am

I think she actually ended up with HELLP syndrome, Shelley.

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Re : Trista and Ryan

Postby shelley » Tue May 12, 637992 7:10 am

Forgive me for not being "with it", but did Trista have P.E.?

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Re : Trista and Ryan

Postby fiona » Mon Apr 20, 637992 1:34 am


you want to email Michelle (mama2twins).

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Trista and Ryan

Postby carolh » Mon Apr 20, 637992 12:43 am

Hi All -

I heard a rumor that one of our PF members is a friend of Trista's and may have been in contact with her already with info about preeclampsia and the Foundation. I got a lead about contacting her but don't want to duplicate efforts.

I'd appreciate any info about this.


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