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Re : Brochures

Postby bicyclist » Sat Dec 14, 638289 11:38 am

Hi Heather,

The Preeclampsia Awareness Campaign is still going strong. Brochure distribution is one of our ongoing projects. We now have a Spanish version as well. Please email me and when I've got your email address I will email you the current Brochure Kit. After reviewing the kit, please call the MN office at(800) 665-9341 to order your brochures. Be sure to build about 3 weeks into your distribution timeline for order processing & shipping.


Dawn D
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Re : Brochures

Postby Dawn D » Sat Dec 14, 638289 11:12 am

yes, there is still a distribution process.....I will forward this link to Kathy our Dir of Voluteer Dev and she can direct further.

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Postby blythe » Sat Dec 14, 638289 12:31 am

Sorry, I was looking for information on the PF brochures but couldn't find anything current. Are we still tring to distribute them? Thanks!!

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