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Re : Who likes Baby Fair's?

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 638945 6:28 am
by kara
Hi Leanne,
I'm going to have Johann Aiken contact you. She is our Patient Education Coordinator. I'd rather see you work with her getting more materials into clinics and discuss baby fairs at a different time. Sound good?

Re : Who likes Baby Fair's?

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 638945 7:25 am
by lparke
Hey Kara!
I just started getting on here... I saw your post from quite some time ago about volunteering at baby fairs. I would be happy to help spread awareness to this crucial population! I would love to help at a booth at events, but can also do a lot professionally as well. I work with OB/GYNs and their patients every day in the OR. I do anesthesia, and have a unique opportunity to spread the word to these physicians I practice with everyday. Many have already asked me to put PE info in their waiting rooms.
Anyway, let me know if I can help.

Re : Who likes Baby Fair's?

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 638920 11:29 pm
by kara
We have TWO new Regional Baby Fair Coordinators! We need a few more. Please post here, or email me if you want more information. This will be a very exciting position in a fun area of awareness.

Re : Who likes Baby Fair's?

Posted: Mon Aug 23, 638917 11:10 am
by kara
We have ONE taker so far! I need 4 or 5 more.

Who likes Baby Fair's?

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 638917 12:01 am
by kara
I'm proud to announce a new Education and Awareness program that the Preeclampsia Foundation is promoting, in order to directly reach 50,000+ at-risk women in 2010.

Through distribution of Preeclampsia Foundation materials at local Baby Fair's, we can reach thousands of at-risk women, in a short period of time. YOU can make a difference in someone's life. By providing the life saving Signs and Symptoms materials, we can raise awareness amongst this most critical population, and perhaps help them start a dialogue with their health care provider.

The Preeclampsia Foundation has Education and Awareness Grant's available to cover costs associated with hosting a booth.

To that end, we are seeking:

1. Five or Six Regional Baby Fair Coordinator's. No prior baby fair experience required. Training will be provided. Duties will consist of online search for available baby fairs in your region, promoting the baby fairs to our membership and providing guidance to members who wish to host a baby fair booth in their area. Baby Fair Coordinators will be mentored by Kara Boeldt, Volunteer Development Director. Please contact me for more information.

Additionally, we will be seeking volunteers who are interested in hosting a baby fair booth in their area.

Thank you for considering this valuable contribution to those mothers, babies, and families who may someday experience a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy!