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Re: More information needed!!!

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 639262 10:12 pm
by blythe
Fantastic news about your new job! You could start with
for the kinds of fundraising and advocacy the PF does

and general info about PE

I'm not sure where to look for baby loss in general - sadly there are many reasons that babies die. Did your boss share her experience?

Good luck on your presentation and let us know if you need different suggestions!

More information needed!!!

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 639262 12:12 am
by brandi101
Well i just started a new job who helps raise awareness and money for worthy causes i was told they are always looking for new causes so i mentioned baby loss how it does not get enough awareness and for the lack of awareness have the need for funds to be able to research to try to help the people who have babies but our babies dont stay she want more information on this she too lost a baby so even bringing this to her attention im hoping that this will be a cause they choose i need from you all links to be able to give her something to look into wether its preeclampsia or wether its sids it needs awareness please help me with all the information on sites like this one and this one will be included in my presantation please help!