So Grateful For This Forum

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So Grateful For This Forum

Postby courageismyname » Sat Mar 12, 639560 5:22 pm

Were it not for this forum, I never would have suspected that I had PE in my first pregnancy, and never have alerted my midwife. She still neglected to do all of the tests she should have and I ended up having an eclamptic seizure, but this forum has helped me so much in my healing journey.

Now we are thinking about TTC again and thanks to the forums, I am so grateful to know that I am not alone in having the feelings that I do about it. I am also so grateful to have seen three MFMs in the past year, to be so monitored this time, and to know what other women have done to take care of themselves when they TTC again.

Thank you, Preeclampsia is unfortunate how ill-informed our culture is about these diseases.
Eclamptic seizure in labor 12/1/09, age 39. Son born very healthy at 42 weeks and 9 lbs 4 oz via C section. PE had been suspected (by me) but not diagnosed by homebirth midwife. Pregnant again with #2, due 3/9/13.

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