A Mothers Reflections

Share your original poems, songs, short stories and quotes dedicated to your preeclampsia experiences, from the tragic to the joyous. The goal of the forum is to provide a space to promote healing through shared expression.
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Re: A Mothers Reflections

Postby midwestmom » Sat Oct 23, 639886 2:52 pm

Son born by emergency C-section due to severe preeclampsia in August 2009. Born 29wks2days weighing 3lbs, he is a healthy toddler now.

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A Mothers Reflections

Postby angelmom » Fri Oct 22, 639886 7:45 pm

Her mirror is rare and unique.
But for her eyes only and no one to see.
She carries her mirror everywhere that she may be.
This mirror shows her what she has become and what she needs to be.

Her reflections are not always beauty and bliss.
They are reminders of what she will miss.
Images of her son dancing, giggling, and holding her hand.
She can only imagine him becoming a handsome young man.

Her reflections always have a shadow of pain.
This shadow darkens her reflections even to hear his name.
So she closes her eyes and hopes to see her son safe and free.
When she opens her eyes, her reflections are clear for what she needs to be.

Her reflections of her daughter come in clear.
Images that tell her to be grateful that she is here.
So she showers her daughter with love and happiness.
She only hopes her daughter will never know such sadness.

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