After the postpartum period

Share your original poems, songs, short stories and quotes dedicated to your preeclampsia experiences, from the tragic to the joyous. The goal of the forum is to provide a space to promote healing through shared expression.
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Re: After the postpartum period

Postby eleni » Sat Sep 18, 640827 11:48 am

Hi Robin,

I guess it depends on what you mean by problems...

Emotional/mental - yes, many women need support to deal with the emotional impact (see a therapist, ideally one who specializes in perinatal issues and possibly be open to medications that could help).

Physical problems, additional medical problems - yes, many women have those two often related to kidneys or cardiovascular (heart) health. In any case, it's important to get with a healthcare provider who knows and understand that this can be as a result of preeclampsia. Although your specific postpartum care does not need to be provided by an OB/GYN.

Hope that helps a little.

Best wishes,
Eleni Z. Tsigas
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2x PE survivor; 29 week daughter died, 35 week IUGR son made it after 2 weeks of NICU fun; 3rd pregnancy PE-free resulted in strapping 8 pounder son, born at term.

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After the postpartum period

Postby robin.wyatt » Sat Sep 29, 640818 11:02 am

Has anyone had any problems after the postpartum period? I did have postpartum preeclampsia but I'm still having some issues even though my daughter is now 1.

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