Searching for "Ask the expert"-

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Searching for "Ask the expert"-

Postby anne-isabelle » Mon Nov 18, 638948 12:39 pm

I am new on the forum ( European neighbour !) . I am desperately searching the "Ask the experts" section. I am not in pregnancy right now with a major question, but experienced a first severe pre eclampsie 4 years ago , and would be so gratefull for advices with respect to percentage of total risks having a second baby (considering my personal pre eclampsia history , and my age =41). I couldn't find any good advice or consultation in france on this very specific topic . Is the section in "fixing" , is it going to be in the site again ? Is there another way I can ask my question to an expert . Thank you ver much .

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Re: Searching for "Ask the expert"-

Postby sarab » Fri Nov 12, 2010 01:09 am

Hello, and welcome! Unfortunately, our "Ask the Experts" section is currently unavailable to read due to the migration from our old forum. Eventually "Ask the Experts" will be a feature in and of itself on our home page, and we are looking forward to this new feature. You CAN, however, still submit questions to our Medical Board via email:

Feel to look around and ask questions here on the boards, too; "Ask the Experienced" would be a great place to start. Many of our members have gone through similar situations and are happy to share their experiences and offer support!
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