How to e-mail a forum member and/or send a PN?

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Re: How to e-mail a forum member and/or send a PN?

Postby Jackie R » Thu Sep 13, 639240 8:33 pm

how do i pan someone or send a private message? I am trying to click on a members name after adding them on as a friend and I have no luck.
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Re: How to e-mail a forum member and/or send a PN?

Postby blythe » Sat Sep 12, 639237 5:23 pm

Sorry about that!! We somehow lost the ability to email one another in the redesign. We're working on it! When we fix it or come up with an interim solution we'll let you know...
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How to e-mail a forum member and/or send a PN?

Postby sam10 » Sat Sep 12, 639237 5:17 pm

I tried to send PNs and/or email forum members, but I am not successful finding the button to click anywhere in the profile's of the members. I checked my own profile and I have selected the correct field and gave the ok that forum members can contact me.
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