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Re: How to add pic and Signature

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 639569 4:50 am
by BBC
Thanks Anna! :)

Re: How to add pic and Signature

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 639569 11:10 pm
by aajatwins
No worries! :)
Look at the upper left corner of your forum page screen. Under the PE Foundation logo, there is a link to the Board Index and (just under that) User Control Panel. Click User Control Panel, and you will see a blue and white box with a menu going down the left side and a menu going across the top of the box. Across the top, choose the second option - Profile. Now on the left menu, you'll see Edit Signature and Edit Avatar. Your picture is your "avatar" and it needs to be small - you can resize in paint or most any picture viewing software on your computer. It does not have to be a square, just make sure it does not exceed 150 pixels in either direction.
Hope that helps!

How to add pic and Signature

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 639569 1:35 am
by BBC
Hi! Sorry to be so lame, but for the life of me I don't see where I go to add a pic and to set up my sigature.
Thanks for any help.