A Little Freaked Out -- Is this Pre-Eclampsia?

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Re : A Little Freaked Out -- Is this Pre-Eclampsia?

Postby youtan » Sun Dec 01, 637348 11:41 pm

Hi Paige. I can tell you are concerned. Yes, there are several of us out here that have experienced PIH and preeclampsia. Have you checked out the symptoms page? http://www.preeclampsia.org/symptoms.asp

Normally, preeclampsia is diagnosed when someone has both elevated BP and protein in the urine. So, its great that you're not seeing the protein yet. Has your doc done a 24 hr urine test? Its a more accurate way of knowing the protein level. I'm not a doc, but I'd ask for them to do this test at least for a baseline - especially with BPs as high as you've mentioned.

There are those that never develop preeclampsia - but have high BP in the pregnancy. You are at risk however, so know the symptoms and call your doc if you have any concerns. The best thing you can do is keep open communication with your doc(s) and ask lots of questions - keep them informed of any worsening symptoms (such as the spots you mentioned)!

I sure hope that your pregnancy will stay free of preeclampsia.

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Re : A Little Freaked Out -- Is this Pre-Eclampsia?

Postby sweetiesuzy » Sun Dec 01, 637348 10:12 pm


Hello and welcome. You need to tell your doctor all the symptoms you are experiencing, even if you have to call in and tell them. It is important. Have you had a 24 hour urine done? That will give you the most accurate reading of your protein level. I would think they would be thinking of starting you on some medication at this point to lower your bps some. I suggest calling today and asking all of these things. Yes, you could be heading down the pathway of delivering early. None of us can tell you what will happen, but we can tell you that your bps are high and you need to be proactive about getting them to listen to you. Spots are another sign... so please call in and let us know what they say. I would like to see you get a bit further!


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A Little Freaked Out -- Is this Pre-Eclampsia?

Postby paige_va » Sun Dec 01, 637348 9:58 pm

I'm 31 weeks, and went to my doc's yesterday for a routine appointment. I've been swelling quite a bit over the last month, but doc hasn't been concerned because my BP was decent. Yesterday it was up at 140/90. They had me lay down and take it again, and after a few minutes, it lowered a bit to 128/90. The doc sent me home for two days of bedrest, and I have to go back tomorrow to have it taken again. However, this morning when I woke up, my DH took my BP, and before I even got out of bed, it was already 130/90. Just took it again, and it's now 140/100. No protein in the urine yet, but I have seen some spots, and I definitely have swelling. At my last appointment, I had gained 9 lbs in 2 weeks! Anyone out there with experience dealing with PIH? At what point does PIH become pre-e? Is it possible that they'll take the baby early?

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