Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby missgamecock » Fri Jan 17, 637349 4:54 am

I have been on it since 17 weeks. Started off at 750mg a day. Increased to a 1000 mg a day, increased again to 1500mg a day, increased again to 2000mg a day. At 32 weeks, they added 30 mg of procardia, which was just increased to (35 weeks) 60mg of procardia a day along with 2000mg of aldomet. Heavy heavy meds.

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby nmetolen » Thu Dec 26, 637348 4:30 am

It seems to be helping, my BP was down to 124/84 today at the doc's office. The wound packing stung and hurt, I almost screamed. They told me today that if the steri-strips had been properly put on in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. So now I have to go through daily torture because someone couldn't do their job right and needs to go back to medical school apparently.

Jacob is doing awesome. He'll be better before me. He's almost ready to come home, they're saying next week sometime. I have CPR training on Sunday and training for the apnea monitor on Monday. He hasn't been having many episodes, but they want him monitored just in case. I'm thinking maybe Wednesday he'll be home. Now I'm a little nervous that I'll somehow break him!

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby gossamer » Wed Dec 25, 637348 11:45 pm

I am on aldomet 3x's a day, down from 4 x's a day. I also take Acebutelol 2 x's a day. These 2 seem to keep my bp in check.

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby sjs40 » Tue Dec 24, 637348 8:00 am

I had methyldopa while in hospital and while expressing as it was considered the safe one for that. I would have been on it all the time I was breastfeeding. I did find that I wasn't producing much milk, however that could also have been down to the fact that Ellie was so premature and I have pcos which apparently makes for more problems with milk production! Probably not much help there am I?! It did also make me a bit sleepy. It didn't do as much as it could for my bp which was still high pp so I was changed onto Atenolol after Ellie died, and am still on a low dose now.As with everything, different meds are better for different people.

Although I had a c-section my wound healed very well so Im afraid I can't offer advice there.

I hope that your baby will be transferred to the closer hospital very soon. It is stressful enough having a baby in special care without having to travel further than necessary to be with them.

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby denise » Sat Dec 14, 637348 5:32 pm

No experience with bp meds myself, but here is link where our experts discussed them relating to pregnancy:
BP Meds:

Hope they do the trick for you! How is your baby doing?

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby fiona » Sat Dec 14, 637348 12:02 pm

I was on methyldopa during my first two pregnancies - it made me feel quite groggy. I went on to a different med post-partum, though.

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby paige_va » Sat Dec 14, 637348 9:35 am

My doc just put me on Aldomet. I had my first two doses in the hospital. Didn't notice any significant change after the meds, but I'm reserving judgement, because if the BPs don't go down, I could wind back up in the hospital on Magnesium Sulfate, and I've heard that that whole route is NO FUN AT ALL. So, I plan to be a really good girl on bedrest, take my meds, and monitor my BP relgiously. I'm lucky, though, because, at 32 weeks tomorrow, I really only have to deal with this for another 3-5 weeks.

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby rachel a » Fri Dec 13, 637348 11:05 pm


Sorry. My experience is with Procardia.

However, just two weeks!! That's great news!

I'm thinking about you!

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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby jilly » Fri Dec 13, 637348 10:27 pm

I was on it for a while and it didn't seem to do a thing for my bp, so I went off it.


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Re : Has anyone taken Aldomet (methyldopa)

Postby lorelei » Fri Dec 13, 637348 9:50 pm

Hi, My dr put me on Aldmoet 2x/day at 13 weeks and it was gradually increased a little as I got further along. I also took aspirin with this. It did keep my bp under control until around 32 weeks when it seemed that left side therapy (lol!) was the only thing that helped..I made it to 37weeks. W/my first pregnancy it was too late in the game so the dr said to give me any meds and I was on bedrest for 13 weeks until my 36th week left side wasn't working anymore and I had my baby.

Best of luck to you!

Lori, mom to Hunter (9-27-01) and Dalton (8-10-04) both born at 37 weeks due to p/e

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