Question about induction vs. c-section

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Re : Question about induction vs. c-section

Postby mikeys mom » Wed Dec 25, 637348 3:04 am

Every doctor is different. Some doctors err on the side of caution. That is mine. My baby wasn't ready to be born so he was breach. I had no choice but to have a c-section. Luckily my platelets went up the 4 days I was in the hospital so I was able to get an epidural. This time my doctor is not giving me a choice. He wants a repeat c and I am all for it. This baby turned at 30 weeks. Makes you think if my son would have waited a couple more days he would have turned also but really the first csection was easy (Maybe it was because he was so small). Good Luck!

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Re : Question about induction vs. c-section

Postby youtan » Wed Dec 25, 637348 1:47 am

That depends on so many variables. You might want to sit down and talk this out with your doctor. She/he should be able to discuss what could happen for them to decide on a c/s if you're to deliver early. Some docs give mag sulfate (thro' IV) during delivery when the BPs are high as a precaution for seizures.

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Re : Question about induction vs. c-section

Postby missgamecock » Wed Dec 25, 637348 1:42 am

My daughter was induced. I was given the epidural before labor started to control pain. My bp during labor did go higher, but with the epidural was manageable (not sure if 175/120 is manageable). I also was on a ton of bp meds during labor and mag sulfate afterwards. They were trying to decide to do a csection but decided it was too dangerous in my case because of hemorraging and stroke and felt that induction was safer. They told me that they could take the baby in less than 5 minutes if needed. This time I have a different dr and live in a different area. While I would rather be induced, I have a nasty feeling that I am going to end up with an emergency csection.

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Re : Question about induction vs. c-section

Postby deerhart » Wed Dec 25, 637348 1:33 am

Well that really depends on how far along you are, your condition, and the baby's condition. I was induced both times. The first time (since it was my first pregnancy) I was told (at 37 weeks) I only had a 25% chance of hte induction working in the first 24 hours and a 50% chance of it working in 48 hours. My BP did spike up significantly during that labor because of pain, position, and the condition. I ended up on mag sulfate and my doc put me on an epidural finally becuase she felt she was going to have to do a c-section for lack of progression and wanted me to get some rest (instead I went into ultra fast progression mode lol). I never had BP meds at all in either pregnancy. From start to finish the delivery was 30 hours long.

My second pregnancy my induction was done at 36 weeks on the nose. It was given an extremely high chance of success becuase it was a second prengnacy and when I came into the hospital I was already having regular contractions every 10 minutes. From start to finish that induction was 9 hours long. This time my BP was well controlled positionally so I had no other drugs given to me besides the epidural I eventually got.

My doctor would not have hesitated to do a c section had I started to deteriate or the baby started to have problems (I also had internal monitors on the baby.


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Question about induction vs. c-section

Postby paige_va » Wed Dec 25, 637348 1:03 am

Hi all,
Now that I'm starting to get my mind wrapped around this whole PIH/PE situation, I'm beginning to have questions galore! I guess the whole thing is just starting to hit me. I hope I can draw a bit on the experiences of others out there.

My first question is what are the chances that I'll be induced vs. the chance that my doc will perform a c-section? Do women with PIH or PE generally spike high BPs during labor? Do docs run IV BP meds during labor for women with PE? What can I expect???


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