? for those who had high BP or PE

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby akemt » Tue Aug 12, 636730 6:53 am

Here is my story:

Family history of PE, no history of hypertension and I started out with normal Bp's.

I had a very healthy baby, delivered at 37 weeks vaginally by induction.

I was diagnosed at 29 weeks pg, but had some signs and symptoms and bp's jumping around about a month before that.

I had PIH that didn't change to PE. I did have proteinuria postpartum and continued elevated BP and was put on meds for about a month or so till everything went back to normal (kinda) lol.

Catherine (22)
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Emma Margaret (03/02/03) 37 weeks from PIH & oligo

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby tahoe4 » Tue Aug 12, 636730 3:05 am

I had very low bp readings throughout my entire pregnancy until my delivery day (6 weeks early) when it skyrocketed. Up until then, a completely uneventful pregnancy aside from severe swelling.

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby tgenco » Mon Aug 11, 636730 11:28 am

with my first preg I had been borderline 140/90 til the 5th month and then started aldomet, which really didnt do much, by week 36 pressures went to 160/110 even with the meds and i started spilling protein. I had a csec at 37 my baby now 8, weighed 4lb 7oz. but was fine. After delivery bp went to 250/149 and things got worse for about a week. Then fine. I have been on tenormin since and am now 35 weeks preg with my 2nd and no problemo bps 116/70s and scarily enough very normal. I am waiting for the bomb to drop. Other than boring you with all that, I was intriqued by the healthy baby question. My friend and I both had PE and since our kids are 8 have noticed they seem to have not really add or adhd but a similar attention deficate problems. I teach so does she and our kids are b students but there is definately something to it. Also, I spoke with my daughters teacher and she too had PE, her son, now 14 also is sort of Non attentive. I would love to see some research into the teens and looking educationally at the children of PE, dont get me wrong they are not Learning Disabled just more restless than others but not to the point of ADD.
Also, Lasting problems for mom I now have a new heart sound thanks to the first preg and high bp called and r4, my cardiologist says he usually sees with PE and elderly, caused by the stress of the hbp even over a few months that cause the arteries around the heart to become thicker.
Not all bad news though, I have a beautiful 8 year old and, thus far a very healthy second preg!

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby jjbeck » Thu Jul 31, 636730 10:00 pm

Thanks everyone. You know, I was pretty calm about the BP up until the past couple of days when my OB admitted she is nervous about this pgd. A nurse friend of mine recommended I get the multistix urine strips. Well yesteday, my Glucose had the highest reaing on the bottle and I had trace protein. This morning, I only have small amounts of glucose, no protein but trace amounts of blood and moderate amounts of leukocytes.
I really have trouble reading my body latly. Because of the hyperemesis and anxiety, I have this constant feeling of fagility. I don't know whats what. I dont know if my body knows whats what. It seems very confused too.

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby angelical » Sun Jul 20, 636730 9:50 pm

Hi, here's my story.....

I do have a family history of high bp, but i had never been diagnosed with it prior to the pregnancy.

Then, at my first appt, my ob said my bp was a little high. I think it was about 130/90. She went ahead and put me on a low dose of Aldomet.

Then, I had 4 months of severe morning sickness, and my bp was the least of my worries! [:p]

But then, in about my 25th week, my hypermesis finally ended, but I had started swelling up and my bp, even on the Aldomet, started rising more. Around then, my ob changed me to Labadalol.

Then, when I was 27 weeks, I gained 8 lbs of fluid, my bp went to 180/110, and I started spilling protein.

My ob sent me to a high risk specialist. He completely misdiagnosed the preeclampsia. But luckily, we called back a couple days later, and talked to one of his colleagues, who knew what to do.

I was admitted for what would be the duration of my pregnancy.

Five days later, in my 28th week, I started developing HELLP Syndrome and they performed an emergency C-secion. Our son was 2lbs 5oz.

Now I still have high bp; it seems that the pree unmasked my chronic hypertension.

Our son, even though he was born so soon, is doing perfectly! He was in the NICU for 6 weeks, and now at 18 months, he is at a great weight and developmental stage. We couldn't be happier!

So, that's our story.... I definitely started getting PIH early, and my pree also started early and progressed quickly. Luckily I had an ob that watched me very careful, AND we were proactive enough to get good care from the specialists... if I had followed the first one's advice, I'm afraid my outcome would have been much different.

Take care of yourself!


Sharel & Kevin
Aaron - 28 weeker
Born 5/2/02 due to preeclampsia & HELLP

Our miracle boy is doing great!!

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby laura » Sun Jul 20, 636730 4:02 pm

Hmm, I had normal pressures before my first pregnancy, and started to swell and my BP started to rise around 30 weeks. I think I was put on bedrest around 33 weeks, but didn't develop proteinuria until 34 weeks, and was induced at 35 weeks, and delivered baby by section.
I had postpartum preeclampsia, but I think my pressures were back to normal by 6 weeks.

By pregnancy #2, I think I was normal before I got pregnant. My pressures began to rise between 22-24 weeks, and I had frank hypertension by 26 weeks (140/90's) (plus all the symptoms that go with it.. breathlessness, rapid pulse, swelling, etc.) I went on atenolol at 28 weeks, and my pressures went down until around 35 weeks, and then they began to rise again when I had to deliver at 36 weeks because of low amniotic fluid, probably caused by the hypertension. I do sincerely believe that the meds prolonged my pregnancy much longer than it would have been otherwise.

The docs figured that all this hypertension meant that I have essential or chronic hypertension that's triggering this whole mess. Did your peri mention if he or she is going to put you on meds? Beta blockers are usually pretty good at reducing your heart rate, and that should make you feel better!
Hang in there... you're asking all the right questions!

DH Jack-30
Allie 5-13-98 (35 weeks-pre-e)
Baby Camille 4-17-03 (36 weeks- htn and oligo)

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby angela » Sun Jul 20, 636730 11:05 am

Our stories sound very similar and mine did have a happy ending! I was having high blood pressure 150/90 with +1 protein, early in my pregnancy, I think around 13weeks. I was put on Aldomet and that seemed to work for the majority of my pregnancy. Around 35 weeks my bp started to rise and I was gaining about 1lb a day. At my 37 week appt my OB wanted to set an induction date for my 38th week, at that appt she stripped my membranes in hope that I would be ready for delivery by the following week. My Bp at the appt was about 160/90 with trace protein. I delivered a healthy baby girl the next day (37weeks 1 day)July 29th 2003, she weighed 7lbs 4oz!

I think if you are getting good medical treatment and are being followed carefully then things CAN turn out fine. Make sure you listen to your body and if they put you on bedrest, stay there, even if you feel fine!

Good Luck!

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Re : ? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby kimb » Sun Jul 20, 636730 5:07 am

You will get every range of answers to this question - unfortunately mine did not have a happy ending. I had hbp prior to pg - at 13 wks my ob sent me to a peri who changed my bp medication as he felt it was dangerous for the baby - turned out that what he changed me to was dangerous for me and my son. He refused follow up after changing my meds and left me in the hands of my ob who didn't know what to do and let me run with a bp of 150/100 for 7 weeks. The day she finally referred me to someone else was the night I didn't sleep and knew my time with my child was over. My son was delivered when I was 20 weeks 5 days.

You are lucky in that your ob has turned you over to your peri when she felt out of control. My best advice to you would be to calm down - it is scary - but you are very early and I belive bp usually drops in the second trimester. I did not have this site until after I lost my son - but you've got the support now and you know that things to watch for. But being calm will help you and your child - try to relax. IF you are uncomfortable with anything your peri says - question them - don't be afraid to be proactive. If your doctors weren't concerned it would be much scarier than the fact that they are and they are watching out for you and your child early.

Take good care of yourself and keep us informed of how things are going - but try to relax as well.

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? for those who had high BP or PE

Postby jjbeck » Sat Jul 19, 636730 7:38 am

I was just wondering if those of you you had PRE E or hypertension, had healthy babies?
At what at point did you deliver?
AT what point did you find out you had PIH?
Did you have PIH or chronic hypertension?
Did anyone have Hypertension EARLY in PG but not before pg?
A what point did PE set in?

My bp began creeping up at 7 wks and hit high at 11 wks.
I am only 13 weeks, but it contiunes to rise. It does NOT stay up, but goes up and down throughout the day. My ave is about 138/90, low would be 128/79, high would be 160/111. I thought that my high was only in the afternoon, but lately it has been in AM too, and afternoon I might get a low. It is very inconsistant. My hr ranges from 89 to 120. Anyway, at first I was not that worried, but now I am getting more worried. I spoke with my OB, and she handed me off to my peri for full care as she is worried too.
I was hoping you all can share your experiences and outcomes.

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