Update on me and baby Ethan's arrival

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Update on me and baby Ethan's arrival

Postby lisa d. » Mon Aug 11, 636730 8:08 am

Hi, all. The last time I posted was on 11/5 after I had visited L&D the night before for high bp readings. Well, the issue has resolved itself since then. On the afternoon of 11/5, my water broke and I went into labor. We headed for L&D, bp readings were fine, finally got in for my c-section (under general anesthesia, sadly) and Ethan Spencer was delivered at 12:07am on 11/6. He weighed 7lb11oz, was 19.75" long and is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks to everyone for holding my hand through the PIH scares and thank goodness pre-e did not become an issue. If anyone would like to check him out you can see him and the rest of the family at
http://deyoung.net/philip/tnt/album07 . I forbade him to post pics of me, as I was sick as a dog from the anesthesia, but I assure you they're more worth looking at than I anyway. <g>

Lisa D.

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