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Re : CatherineG....

Postby celticepona » Sat Jul 16, 637966 5:26 am

Wow I've been out of the loop here for a while and just skipped to this page. Is today the day? :)Good Luck! (hugs)

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby michelle_chandler » Thu Jul 14, 637966 5:53 pm

Good luck today Catherine. Thinking of you and sweet baby Sam!

Take care, Michelle

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby ozierja » Thu Jul 14, 637966 5:52 pm

Thinking about you today...GOOD LUCK to you and Sam!

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby darcynulph » Wed Jul 13, 637966 6:55 pm

Good luck!!! What a wonderful day you have to look forward to!!! Tomorrow is Miracle Friday!!!

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby mama2twins » Mon Jul 04, 637966 4:48 am

Good Luck tomorrow Catherine and a great big congrats on getting to this point. We can't wait to see pics.

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby keneke68 » Mon Jul 04, 637966 3:47 am

Oh Catherine tomorrow is going to be such a wonderful day. You will have Sam in your arms. I am so excited for you. Sam truly is a miracle. I wil be thinking about you and praying for you. I cant wait to see pictures of your little miracle.[:)]

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby amandah » Sun Jul 03, 637966 7:53 pm

good luck tomorrow i cant wait to hear about the new little guy!!! i hope you have an easy delivery take lots of pictures

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby lisainnj » Sun Jul 03, 637966 2:43 pm

Tomorrow's still the big day? I'll be saying prayers for an easy quick labor and healthy birth.

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby leighann » Fri Jun 10, 637966 4:39 pm

a bump... any thing going on? I am so excited about Sam's arrival!

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby season » Sun May 29, 637966 9:28 pm


How exciting. I'm sure youa re going to thoroughly enjoy meeting this little guy.

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