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Re : CatherineG....

Postby leftcoastgirl » Sun Mar 20, 637966 3:17 am

Can't wait to hear an update! I am so happy for you and your family that things are going so well. =)

jackie cargen
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Re : CatherineG....

Postby jackie cargen » Tue Mar 08, 637966 10:00 pm

As always, you and Sam are in our thoughts on New Year's Day. Look forward to updates on your family.
With love
Jackie and Alan Cargen

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby kazzabazza2 » Mon Jan 15, 637685 10:31 am

Fab news! What an incredible weight gain! Happy New Year to you all! Can't wait for more news!![:D]
Prayers and thoughts as always x

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby crogers » Thu Jan 04, 637685 9:11 pm

So happy to hear continued good news. Many blessings to you.[:)]

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby robertmyangel » Thu Jan 04, 637685 7:04 pm

Way to go Catherine, Can't wait to see this miracle baby boy. We are all cheering for you!!!!

mikeys mom
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Re : CatherineG....

Postby mikeys mom » Thu Jan 04, 637685 5:40 am

Your story is definitely heartwrenching!

I am cheering you guys on!

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby leighann » Sun Dec 24, 637684 7:37 pm

Wow, how exciting!!!!! [:D]

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby caryn » Sun Dec 24, 637684 5:35 am

Catherine, you *know* we're all waiting on the edge of our seats. [:D]

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby michelle_chandler » Sat Dec 23, 637684 9:25 pm

Congratulations Catherine! That is awesome news. Waiting for Sam's safe arrival :-)


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Re : CatherineG....

Postby paige_va » Sat Dec 23, 637684 6:55 pm

That's wonderful. Can't wait to hear the news of Sam's arrival!!!

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