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Re : CatherineG....

Postby sonja » Tue Jun 17, 637681 1:43 pm

Wow - that is about all I can say!!


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Re : CatherineG....

Postby squishy » Sat Jun 07, 637681 12:20 pm

Anne, that was beautifully stated. Thank you for saying needed to be said. Oh and Catherine I come to your post first everyday to see how you are. I just love that you are home and well. It fills me with hope. You have been so brave and strong. I am truly happy for you and Sammy and I see a light at the end of your tunnel. My thoughts are with you and baby Sam. Hang in there!

PS: Take it easy on those stairs!

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby annegarrett » Sat Jun 07, 637681 9:45 am

I am so happy you are doing so well, Catherine. We read your posts and eagerly every bit of news.
Hang in there!!

I just want to add for the ladies who are eagerly awaiting updates and praying for the best possible news--that Catherine's situation is great news and also very unusual. No one who is following her progress should think--if only I had done this, or if my doctor had done that--then I too could make it as far as she has. She is truly a miracle for us and while everyone of us is thrilled for us, I know that some of you wonder if perhaps your doctor could have done more so that you too could be doing so well. I don't have the answer for you but I want us to rejoice in her good news while being kind to ourselves if we have not done as well. This disease, and others that cause similar problems, absolutely befuddle the experts. I wish we had the answers why some women hang on for weeks and weeks and others don't.

Catherine! You keep on keeping on and doing whatever it is you are doing. It clearly is working for you and we are all rooting for you and the baby!!

PS: I'm a big fan of stairs. :) (not!!)

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby catherineg » Sat Jun 07, 637681 5:53 am

Thanks Guys!

It is trully amazing to be home - had a NST at the DRs yesterday, and all was good, have an u/s w/BPP AFI on Friday, and am praying all still looks good- BP is under control and I am happy -

On bedrest, but tackle the stairs a couple times a day, I feel much stronger than when i came home, 7 weeks in the hospital can weaken a gal a bit, but the Dr is ok with me going downstairs to eat, so all is good.

I will update after my u/s on Friday, hoping the little guy has grown nicely :-)


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Re : CatherineG....

Postby kathyc » Mon May 26, 637681 8:19 pm

There's no place like home for the holidays!! I am so happy for you and Sammy, Catherine. Your story is truly a miracle and has given so much hope to so many people (myself included). Take it real easy and enjoy your holidays.

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby paige_va » Mon May 26, 637681 11:11 am

I am soooo happy for you, Catherine! Here's to staying off your feet and out of the hospital until Sam's ready to make his appearance!!!

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby kazzabazza2 » Sun May 25, 637681 9:30 pm

Nice one Catherine!!

So glad you got home, now don't be tempted to do too much, the bed rest has obviously done you and Sammy the world of good!! Well done guys, sending you my thoughts and prayers!!

Karen x

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby mommajo » Sun May 25, 637681 10:05 am

That is just amazing! I am so happy for her!

jana m
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Re : CatherineG....

Postby jana m » Sun May 25, 637681 2:44 am

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!! That is fantastic news!!!!

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Re : CatherineG....

Postby lucy » Sat May 24, 637681 8:32 am

how exciting she must be thrilled to be in her own bed!!

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