Totally lost--What do you think?

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Re : Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby jodygetwell » Sun Aug 03, 637681 10:03 am

Hi, I just wanted to add my story. I was put on bedrest at 32 weeks with pressure of 160/100 and 360 for my 24 hour protein. Over the next 3 weeks, my pressures got better at each visit, seeing the doc every 2 weeks. My 24 hour protein results also continued to improve. My last pressure at 35 weeks was 118/78 and doc decided to do the c-section anyway saying that pre-e doesn't just "go away". So 5 days after delivery I ended up in the ER with a pressure of 178/110 and now I am 9 weeks post-partum and on 2 drugs to control my pressure. Make sure your docs continue to follow your bp even after you deliver, and don't just assume that because your pressures are coming down, albeit inaccurate because of lying down...
God Bless

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julie f
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Re : Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby julie f » Mon Jun 30, 637681 4:28 pm

Just wanted to agree with everyone about the right for concern and frustration at the care you received today.

When is your next appointment? I too would ask to be seen only by an OB from this point forward. I would discuss these concerns with your OB and work with him/her to get to a management plan you feel comfortable with. Personally, I would also request a consult with a peri.

I'm so sorry at the run around. If you feel things start to progress or new symptoms start to appear, please don't hesitate to head straight into L&D.

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Re : Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby missgamecock » Mon Jun 30, 637681 4:18 pm

I had low readings with one particular nurse in my drs office. When I was admitted, I found out that the drop that they hear is extremely difficult to hear in me when they take my bp. It is even worse when swollen and pregnant. In fact, many times they switched from manual to automatic and back again to try and get it checked. They couldn't hear it drop when taken manually. Then when they used the automatic, it would go crazy because it was high. It would pump back up over and over again. I actually thought I broke the machine at the last appt with my peri and she said I didn't break it. It has to go 20 points higher than your systolic. When I was in last month, the nurse said I hate taking your bp. It is the worst to hear. SO now if that nurse's reading doesn't jive with what I get home, I am going to ask for another nurse to take it.

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heather j
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Re : Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby heather j » Mon Jun 30, 637681 1:07 pm

Everyone has given you good information, so I'll keep mine short. The best I can offer is to move on and find another provider. I know it's late in the pregnancy, but move on. Your obstetrical care sounds IDENTICAL to mine during my first pregnancy. It had a happy ending, but WOW was it a nightmare for a long time. I wish I had this forum then and someone to tell me that the care I was receiving was inadequate. If I knew then what I knew's taken almost three years, and I'm still furious when I really think about what could have happened with the care I was receiving from my former doctors.

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Re : Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby khailibowen » Mon Jun 30, 637681 10:08 am

I too had a nurse tell my my bp was in the 90's/60's once, I told her impossible and then asked for someone else to check it. when I saw the doc the next time I mentioned it to her and said that whenver that nurse checks my bp I will be asking for it to be redone. She has always said it was low and when it is redone at the end of the appointment it is significantly higher. I would not hesitate to ask someone else to check your bp, if nobody will, keep track at home and take your record in with you and absolutely discuss it with your doc. If changing docs at this point isn't possible I would definitely ask for a referral to MFM, I have dual managed care, my doc is great (it's just that one nurse) and the MFM gives that added reassurance as well.

I also agree the "everything is fine" response is not good enough. I always ask for specifics and had a nurse on the phone say I had no protein in my urine, but what she "meant" was I did nothave protein that was over the 300mark, I asked her for the specific number and she said it was lik 289 or something. I like to know the specifics, my doc actually goes over my results with me showing me the paper it is printed on and lets me look at it and ask questions, that way I know what I am looking at.

kelly w
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Re : Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby kelly w » Mon Jun 30, 637681 7:24 am

That is REALLY frustrating. I think you are right to be concerned. As Fiona said, that is a wrong way to take your blood pressure and it won't give an accurate reading. It just sounds too much like that nurse had no idea what she was doing. [:(]

We ran in to this with the OB that delivered my last 3 babies, and fortunately I finally figured out I should switch practices. My new OB & Maternal/Fetal team has managed my care extremely well and I am doing great at 29 weeks - much different than last time.

I think you deserve to be able to speak with a "real" medical professional [like a *doctor*! [:)]] and ask to have the exact test results - because the nurse saying "everything is fine" is not really an answer.

Good luck. Sometimes I think the most frustrating thing about this illness is the incompetence you can meet in the medical people who are supposed to be knowledgable and help you!

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Re : Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby fiona » Mon Jun 30, 637681 6:54 am


I think you have every reason to be concerned. Firstly, the nurse's method for taking your BP was wrong. Here is a link that explains how it should be taken - I suggest you print it out and take it with you when you are checked out:

If you have been on bedrest because of HBP/protein for a month, then in my non-medical opinion, your check ups should be with an OB, preferably a high risk specialist. I would ask for an appointment to discuss your new 24hr collection as soon as possible, and write a list of questions for your OB.

If you continue to feel you are not getting the best care, ask to be referred to a specialist. In the meantime, should any of your symptoms worsen - your BP gets higher, for example - go into L&D and have them do a complete workup.

Good luck.

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Totally lost--What do you think?

Postby egphope » Mon Jun 30, 637681 4:07 am

I had my regular NST appointment today and we had a new nurse. No docotor at the office because theholidays are coming up and only one of the physicians in the group is "on call." The new nurse took my blood pressure (insisting that it be taken on my left side while lying down). This was new to me but I didn't want to argue with her. My husband and I watched and she came up with a 94/56 reading. We both said "that can't be right." It has consistently been 146/85 or better. The nurse sais "well I can check it again but that IS the most accurate way to check the pressure." Additionally, I have had more swelling in my hands and face in the last two days. Then we asked about the results of my recent lab work, she came in and pronounced that everything looked fine and I had no protein in my urine. My 24 hour urine protein readings have been as follows: 241, 441, 266 and now nothing. I told her that I was cocnerned because none of this was makin an sense to me and taht I would appreciate seeing a docotor (that's when she told me the doc was "on call" and not inthe office). She did call the doctor who wanted to repeat my 24 hour urine protein. In the mean time, I am just lost as to what to do. I have been on bed rest for four weeks (missing work the entire time of course) and I am beginning to wonder if ANYONE knows what they are doing or what is going on. I have been told 50 different things about kick counts and how much the baby should move, 50 different things about my blood pressure, lab work, etc...I just have no idea. Should we be looking for someone to manage this that is more specialized? Are we just being overly concerned? What advice do you all have because I am at a [?]total loss. [:(]

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