Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby paige_va » Sun Apr 24, 637966 4:47 pm

Because of my history of PE and IUGR, my doc said that he wanted to schedule my c-section for a bit before my due date. He specified, however, that he did not want to deliver me any earlier than 38.5 weeks, assuming that I was not having any problems with PE.

kelly w
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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby kelly w » Thu Apr 14, 637966 9:02 pm

It also depends on the practice you are at. At the hospital where I work, we have one practice that will schedule "elective" inductions at 37 weeks for no medical reason at all - just because the moms ask. They are a very popular practice because of this, but they also have a much higher than average admission rate to the NICU [because some babies *aren't* done cooking at 37 weeks!].

I think most doctors will insist on waiting for 38.5 weeks with no medical reason to induce earlier.


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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby patty » Thu Apr 14, 637966 8:59 pm

I had a C-section at 38 weeks with my 3rd pregnancy. I didn't have full blown pre-e just PIH. They started talking about inducing when I hit 37 weeks and I didn't want to be induced again so we scheduled a repeat C-section. I had an emergency C-section with my second baby.

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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby heather100 » Thu Apr 14, 637966 12:27 pm

I asked my OB this question when I was there a few months ago and he said they would probably only let me go to 38 weeks even with no symptoms but not any earlier than that. But since that's pretty much full term, I'd be ok with that if I could make it that far.

I hope you continue to have no symptoms!! Yeah!

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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby macksmommy06 » Tue Apr 12, 637966 6:10 pm

I had severe PE/HELLP with last preg. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and seeing a peri along with an OB, I am on Heparin injections and aspirin. My peri wants me induced this time even if there are no symptoms of PE at 37-38 weeks, preferrably closer to the 38 week mark.


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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby annegarrett » Sat Apr 02, 637966 10:13 pm

I had a planned c-section at 36 weeks--I was being watched very closely and as soon as my labs turned south and I hit 36 weeks we delivered. I don't even think my labs qualified as truly preeclampsia the last time but given how horribly things went the time before--none of us was feeling like risk-takers.

Let us know what happens and how you are feeling.

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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby sonja » Sat Apr 02, 637966 2:26 am

My peri told me that I was to be inducted between 37 and 39 weeks during my second pregnancy - because letting me go further would not be wise. My OB had my induction scheduled for 39 weeks, because before that she would have had to have done an amnio and she did not want to put me through that. Luckily I went into labor on my own at 37.5 weeks. Good luck to you.


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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby mom29 » Fri Apr 01, 637966 10:08 pm

I had severe preeclampsia with my first baby (19 yrs. ago) and delivered him around 34 weeks. My second baby was born 10 day after her due date. Now that I have chronic hypertension my OB said he would deliver any future babies a bit early to avoid the postpartum problems I encountered last time.

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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby catherine » Fri Apr 01, 637966 7:17 pm

I doubt very much that you'd ever have a planned induction earlier than 38.5 weeks. Certainly not without an amnio for fetal lung maturity, and that wouldn't happen unless there were worrying physical signs of a problem with either you or the baby.

I feel your pain, last time I wanted to just hit the finish line as early as possible, I was ready to have that baby from 34 weeks onward. However, my peri was "nope, no deal, no obvious reason to deliver, then we have to leave him/her in there to be officially fully cooked". I took his point, because if there's nothing going on with you, then the well-being of the baby is the primary focus..... you end up left 'sitting on a razor blade', waiting for something to happen.... and it's nerve-wracking. I think it's proof that stress doesn't cause preeclampsia... because my BP should have been 250/180 with all the adrenaline that was flooding my system on a daily basis in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby kris21225 » Fri Apr 01, 637966 6:05 pm

I had a planned induction with my second pregnancy. I never got pre-e that time, but I was spilling some protein and had PIH. I was seeing my regular OB once a month and my MFM twice a week from 20 wks on. I was on b/p med at the end. At 36 wks, things were starting to head towards pre-e, but they did an amnio and my daughter's lungs were done cooking. I was induced the next week at 37 wks, so she wasn't considered premature. Everyone was fine and we went home together. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to keep doing so well. Good luck.

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