Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

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Re : Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby ileana » Fri Apr 01, 637966 4:14 pm

I had a planned induction early without full blown pree symptoms in my 2nd pregnancy... of course things are not that easy and every case is different. They probably would not have planned an induction if everything was just fine. I had my share of issues: high blood pressure that used to be controlled, extremely aged placenta.... (hmmm, that is preeclampsia, isn't it [;)] ), but protein was lower than 150 mg/24h and all the blood tests were perfect.

I had severe pree at 24 w in my first pregnancy, and mild chronic hypertension in my second, well controlled with a minimal dose of Aldomet up to 33w. After that the BP started to spike. By 35w my doctors suggested that we try an amnio and if lungs are mature, we will induce. I scheduled the induction at 37w, but ended up being induced at 36w after the amnio showed mature lungs. Both baby and I were just fine after the delivery, no NICU time for him and we both went home 2 days after. He hardly had any health issues at all for the last year.

I think it really depends on a lot of factors and there is no way to generalize. If everything is right (even with risk factors), there is no need to cut it short. If you and your doctors are on the lookout for any symptoms and you seek help if anything feels wrong, then I think you'll be just fine.

Congrats on making it so far and I wish you an uneventful rest of pregnancy!

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Planned induction in 2nd preg w/history of PE

Postby bethany123 » Fri Apr 01, 637966 1:48 pm

This question may be moot but we're feeling optimistic lately.
We're at 24 weeks (no PE yet) and last time PE developed around 28/29 weeks and we made it to 33/34 weeks.

Has anyone had a planned induction early without full blown PE symptoms in your 2nd pregnancy? If yes, how early? Is 36 weeks too early or is 37 more likely? Is it a medical recommendation at a certain point, depends on the practioner, or an elective choice if there are not full PE symptoms?

I'm under the impression that the later you go with risk factors for PE the more likely you would be to develop it suddenly. Later in your pregnancy it can sho up suddenly and progress faster so its more dangerous to go full term with a history of PE. I could be totally wrong here.

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