Update, and baby pics

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Re : Update, and baby pics

Postby brooklynsmom » Wed Jul 25, 2007 11:30 am

I am so glad to hear everything is turning out so well! Congratulations! They are both adorable!:)

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Re : Update, and baby pics

Postby josiah1112 » Wed Jul 25, 2007 10:27 am

Congratulations!Your children are adorable!

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Re : Update, and baby pics

Postby michelle_chandler » Wed Jul 25, 2007 09:49 am

Bethany - he is just beautiful!! And Jordyn is adorable too!

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Re : Update, and baby pics

Postby amypete » Wed Jul 25, 2007 09:36 am

He's so cute! I'm glad your done with your difficult pregnancy and can now enjoy your two little ones. Hope Boston comes home this weekend too, if not sooner. Thanks for sharing the pics and the happy ending story. Gives the rest of us still waiting a little hope!

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Update, and baby pics

Postby jordyjsmom » Wed Jul 25, 2007 09:29 am

Hey everyone, i just thought i'd post a quick update on Boston. He continues to do very well and the only problems we have right now are jaudice and feeding but that is to be expected. I got my first chance to Brestfeed yesterday and it was wonderful. He did great, he had no problems sucking or swallowing, just got sleepy after a while and i put him up on my chest. He did not want to be moved, he wanted to stay with mommy. The DR's think he will do better once his jaundice has cleared up. So, for now the plan is to BF anytime that i'm there for the next day or so until he gets used to the breast and then we can start bottle feeds when i'm not there. I'm assuming he will do well on the bottle since he does fine on the breast. Once he is maintaining his weight he can come home!!! We are hoping he will be home by sunday at the latest.

I'm feeling much better, everyone was shocked that my BP dropped so quickly after birth. Then after they took me off the mag after 24hrs it went back up. Its running aroudn 140/80 so not bad but hypertensive. I'm off the labetalol though thank goodness, i guess its not high enough to treat. I know i never really posted much about his birth, i'm much better emotionally now so here are a few of the details. They Decided to induce when i went in for a NST on friday the 20th. My BP was high and i had the WORST headache ever. I talked to the peri and told him all that had been going on at home with the high BP's, blurred vision etc. He talked to my DR and they decided at 34+ weeks it was better to induce than to wait for things to get worse. They took me to a room, checked my cervix (suprisingly i was 2cm, 70% and they could feel his head), and started me on pitocin, mag, and antibiotics. The mag really wasn't that bad, just made me a little tired. The next morning at 6am i was only 6cm, at that rate i'd be in labor forever! they checked me again at 7:30, still 6. For the past hour i'd been feeling the contractions and they were getting really bad. The Dr came in at 7:45 and i only had a rim of cervix left! 5 min later i was being wheeled into the OR, started pushing and 15min later he was born! I still had a headache after delivery. It was so bad i could hardly move, they tried everything for it, morphine, percocet nothing helped. It finally went away about 12hrs after deliver, which is good cuz i thought i was going to die! AFter that recovery was and has been great.

If anyone has made it this far here are some pics of my little man


there are more pics under my photo album.

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