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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 01:30 pm
by onesock
Yeah! Let us know how your appointment goes today. :)

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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 01:12 pm
by laura
That's m'girl, Missy! Oh yeh, are you kidding? OF COURSE you forget it all, why do you think we have multiple kiddos? I used to say with Camille, when I was on bedrest- on my left side- from weeks 24-36- that some of the best parenting, the best things we will ever do is before they're even born. The choices we make now do have an effect on who our children are and how it goes for us.

I just had my first term baby after having two pretermers and it is almost like two different things! My 35 weeker couldn't suck, couldn't hold her temperature, wouldn't wake up even for feeding, and cried a lot because she wasn't neurologically ready for the world outside. Then, she ended up back in the hospital because of apnea that they ultimately decided was from prematurity. That's some scary stuff-- you think bedrest is bad? watch your tiny baby be admitted and you're sleeping on the floor in the hospital, and longing for the days of bedrest.

I keep thinking everybody knows the whole -bad preeclampsia process because I do- but the way that things get dangerous for mom are not due to the BP- the body goes nuts because the baby's not getting enough blood flow (b/c crappy blood vessels supplying blood) so the body rachets up the BP.

In mom, these crappy vessels can leak, leading to swelling that can spread through the body to the brain. (there's more to it, but that's the nutshell) The brain is squeezed causing the headaches, the nervous system and optic nerve are squeezed causing hyper- reflexes and visual disturbances and then the preeclampsia vasospasm (squeezing of the blood vessels) starts mucking out the organs- usually starting with the kidneys, but hitting just about anything it touches. Then mom's in danger of organ failure.

So, the studies have shown that the only good predictor of a seizure or eclampsia is the preeclampsia headache (from the brain being squeezed)but there are LOTS of reasons for headaches- hormonal, migrane, AND preeclampsia. The studies also show that there is a higher percentage of women with severe hypertension who end up having severe complications. It is easier to screen for severe hypertension than headaches, but at this point if you complain of a headache, they'll probably wrap you in bubble wrap and carry you to delivery. Some women (like our T- screen name Angelkat) run high BP's and can be stable. I'm guessing that's what's going on with you- you have some wicked high BP's, but you're stable-- no other signs of severe

So they're going to watch your organs for failure (24 hour urine), watch your nervous system for being squeezed (check your reflexes and ask you about visuals and headaches). And watch the baby- because he's going to start showing signs of stress possibly before you will (my kids do-- they start having crappy NST's and decels before I get sick)

Sorry for the book, but hope it helps put stuff in perspective! Hang in there, chickie.

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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:33 am
by summerw77
I hope you are right Mada!

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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:20 am
by mada
Ah but Summer that's what we all said....wait until you hold that baby in your arms. You will barely remember the frustration you were feeling just days ago.

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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:13 am
by summerw77
Hey guys. Fine Fine I am going to the stupid NST today lol. But honestly only cuz my bp's this am are 178/116 and I want it recorded =) =) (and I tend to read higher at their office).
I know Im getting good care, I just feel like they seem to care more about the babies than the mom's, though I didn't realize a 4 week early baby would still have problems at 5 or 6 WOW. I thought just a couple NICU weeks........hhhhmmmm.............well if that's the case than maybe getting to 37 weeks is a realistic goal, it's only ten more days........
As far as the other symptoms, my swelling has actually gone down and no visual disturbances, so does this mean I am less likely to have a stroke from the really high bp's? I am so jittery and feel so horrible I hate when my bp's are like this it is the worst feeling...........thanx for letting me vent I am really burnt out. He shouldn't have gotten my hopes up and lied, now I don't believe him anymore. Ten days Ten days Ten days Ten days. Also the peri I really like is on call this weekend so if I have any major problems I can always call her............ she's the one delivering me on the 12th...........
Otherwise ten more days lol. I am so getting my tubes tied after this. I can't believe you crazy insane psychotic people who did this more than once LOLOLOLOLOL. I'm going to come back on this board after I deliver just to make fun of you all who end up doing it again (which I will NOT be in that group hahahaha).

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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 09:32 am
by trish5
Summer, I have also been through this three times, now on my forth with PE and when you hold that beautiful baby in your arms and sing it to sleep and watch it coo and smile at you, its like they know what you went through to get them here. (Now given as soon as they turn a teenager they completely forget) Those memories send all the bad one's to the back and you think wow, this is all worth it! Just wait..I know its hard to believe, but look at all the mothers in here who have had more than one baby!

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Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 09:32 am
by onesock
Summer, you are sooo close now! Just please hang in there...I know it is hard and all of the encouragement may be falling on deaf ears, but you are in the home stretch. I know how hard it is to hear all of this, I was in the hospital bed resting for over 2 months and it didn't matter what anyone said, I just wanted to be is definetly scary and emotionally draining, that is for sure! You are not alone in your desire for delivery to be soon, as I am sure there are many women who have been in your same shoes and just wanted to deliver while both you and baby are healthy, but Dr McSteamy, or McJerk does know what he is doing...he is trying to get you home with a baby, no NICU time! I was certain that my doctor was crazy too and that he was just trying to torture me...but when I saw him after my peri delivered me, and he had tears in his eyes, I knew that he DID have my best interests at heart and that he was just as relieved as I was that it was over and that we had bought my baby enough time that he was just a feeder/grower in the NICU. The time that you have left is so short compared to what you have already invested!! Be can do it!

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Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:17 pm
by annegarrett
I'm with Catherine. I know I'm the worst at sharing the horror stories that are out there--but quite honestly, those are the rare situations. Our membership here even is leaning towards that end, and not the "normal" preeclampsia experience. I will literally tell a woman who is pregnant--don't read our stories yet--because it's just going to get you freaking out.

The only thing worse than mediocre care (and I am not for a second suggesting you are getting mediocre care because I have no idea the quality of your care) but the only thing worse is NO care. I know you're just venting because you're more than a little frustrated. Having gone through this three times personally and god knows how many times virtually--I can tell you--the moderators here get really emotionally involved when we see a poster who WE collectively feel is not getting good care, is getting strung along, should be getting delivered and isn't, etc. and so far (and we're not doctors so this is just the benefit of having now watched something like 3,000 women have babies here over the past four years)--I'm not getting that vibe. I'm not getting emails at home, or work, or even calls on the weekend saying, OMG, can you believe they haven't delivered Summer. Trust me, that means nothing, but hey--WE would be the first people pushing you out the door and into the office of an entirely new doctor if that was the collective vibe. Things can and do go bad--but with someone as vigilant as you on board--chances are SUPER LOW. Most doctors will err on the side of waiting longer, but as Catherine and Fiona point out--it's 3:1 in terms of the impact on your baby. My little dude is now 8 and was only four weeks early but today is quite small (the size of a 5-6 year old) and currently cuddled next to me with such a bad cold that I'm thinking strep and every time he gets sick--I think, dang, that prematurity factor never goes away. It's not just a couple weeks of NICU--it impacts them their whole lives. I would be the first person to write you (privately or publicly) and say--are you NUTS? Get to another doctor today. I know it sucks--sorry about that. But that's what the board is for--letting off steam, thinking things through and getting moral support.

Big girl panties indeed, Miss Catherine. Do we really need that picture in our head? Tonight was date night with the DH and that image (no offense Summer) is stuck in my brain. Thanks. ;)

Hang in there Summer--the 24 hour urine is for YOU--so get yourself in there. I would grumble along the way, myself, but under my breath and while being completely compliant. God forbid something goes wrong, you want to be able to PROVE you did everything right so if there is an error--it's not on your side of the equation.

Take care!!

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Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:05 pm
by catherine
OK Summer, ENOUGH!!! There are moments in life when you just have to put on your "big girl panties" (or in this case your huge granny preggie panties LOL!) and hold your nerve. This last phase of pregnancy is totally nerve-wracking...... but it is survivable. Just pull on your earlobes and hang on...

There's only one reason to do this, taking home a baby and being healthy enough to enjoy the experience of sleepless nights, aching boobies, icky post-partum events I hesitate to share with you for their overall halloweenish grossness.... because no matter how made you feel about the situation right now, I doubt that you'd want to end up like Jill Seigel. It was mind-blowing to see what she had to overcome to run a marathon and show up looking amazingly beautiful at the Saving Grace Benefit. I don't think I'd fully appreciated that achievement until I saw her standing on the podium with a powerpoint presentation picture of her, green, swollen with a naso-gastric tube inserted and a tremendously dazed look on her face projected on the screen behind her.

I know that you are just letting off the accumulated steam, and after this long... girl you are entitled to be like the boiler of the Titanic, but you also must appreciate that there are limits. Don't diss the peri yet, just don't send him cookies after this is all over and your baby is safely home with you!

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Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 09:46 pm
by missgamecock
Summer please make sure you go to these appts. They are really important. I thought my ob was nuts because I showed up in the office with a bp of 160/118. HE SENT ME HOME ON STRICT BEDREST. I was like hey, I made it, I made it to 35 weeks. That was the magic number. However, lung maturity at 35 weeks is iffy. I was delivering in a community hospital without a nicu. So that was on a Thursday afternoon. The next day, still felt sick. Had the worse headache. Dh had a work function and I was bawling when he got home because my head hurt so bad. He called my dr. Stay in bed, use tylenol and ice packs. Ugggh. Saturday called him because I was sick, the same thing. Sunday I called, same thing. Monday I thought for sure. Sent me to L&D. Urine dip negative, bp was 149/109. He came and saw me when he got out surgery. Baby was good on the NST. Sent me home, told me not to move a muscle till my peri appt the next day. He wanted the US to see how big she was. Saw my peri the next day and she immediately said I was done. Called my ob and I was sent to the hospital for an emergency induction. She had already made the decision, however, she went ahead and did the NST and level II US. Sara flunked the nst. Her nst the day before was perfect. Not even 24 hours later, she was having decels.

The point of this is the decision is made to deliver when A) mom is so ill that it is bad for the baby or 2)it is better for the baby to be on the outside then inside. Things can change on a dime. A NST is "supposed" to be good for 3-4 days. It wasn't even 24 hours that she started to have decels. So I would encourage you to still go. It sounds like it is a pain. It is VERY frustrating. BTDT. However, you really need to follow your dr's advice. For me personally, it isn't worth the risk. What if I had not of had a peri appt the next day? How would I have known that she was having an issue? I don't think I would have. I probably would not have gone to the hospital until it was too late. I had angels looking out for me both times.