Is it considered pre-e when only symptom is HBP?

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Re : Is it considered pre-e when only symptom is HBP?

Postby canserb3 » Tue Jan 25, 638287 12:43 pm

I haven't yet taken a 24 hour urine test. The specialist indicated that she would have my OB have me do one. I mistyped, I have been on the medication for 2 weeks now. We are expecting that they will adjust the dosage tomorrow. I have already started my list of questions.....some of which I asked the forum (wanted a precursor of what to expect!)

Thank you for your input. I think I will be watching this board closely during this whole pregnancy! I am glad it is here.

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Re : Is it considered pre-e when only symptom is HBP?

Postby mommacane » Tue Jan 25, 638287 12:34 pm

generally, a diagnosis of pre-e is made when there are 2 bp readings of 140/90 6 hours apart, AND 300 mg or more of protein in your urine.
considering you are only 16 weeks, theyre probably going to catagorize you as chronic hypertension. (i know you said your pre pregnancy levels where lower, as were mine, however if you develop hbp before 20 weeks, thats what they call it)

i think you should ask your ob for a baseline 24 hour now, not at 24 weeks. some people have predominantly high protein to begin with. also, if it is low now but now diagnostic criteria at 24 weeks however trending higher, you know to look out for it.

medicine is tricky however. im on 2000mg of aldomet and 100 mg of lobetalol and my bp's still read 140/90. however 174/104 is ridiculously bad. if they are below that now then that is good. how often is your doctor seeing you?

are you going to be seeing an mfm? and if you dont mind me asking what line of work are you in?

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Re : Is it considered pre-e when only symptom is HBP?

Postby sonja » Tue Jan 25, 638287 12:30 pm

Welcome. I am so glad that you found this site.

In order for a diagnosis of pre-e you need two bp readings of 140/90 (or above) 6 hours apart and a protein level of more than 300. Have you taken a 24 hour urine test? The thing about the urine strips is that so much can alter their readings (such as hydration level), so a 24 hour test is really the only way to know exactly where you are at.

My bp responded to meds right away, but some gals on here have had to do some tweaking to get things in order. Also, often people have to up their dosages or switch meds as time goes on and their meds aren't working anymore.

While bedrest is contriversial, it seems that most doctors will put their patients on it once a diagnosis of pre-e is made. It is individual for different people and different situations.

From here on out I would expect more Ob and Peri visits. When I was put on meds I got more ultrasounds. Also, at about 30 weeks I started having NST's once and then twice a week to check on my little one.

A good thing to do is to write down all of the questions that you have and bring them into your doctor when you go.

This is a great site to gather information. Remember, knowledge is power.

Please let us know how you are doing and if we can help you at all.

Take care.

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Is it considered pre-e when only symptom is HBP?

Postby canserb3 » Tue Jan 25, 638287 12:17 pm

I have just found the site today and am at 16 weeks. For the past 5-6 weeks I have been dealing with high blood pressure (readings as high as 174/104)[:(]. I never had any blood pressure issues previous to this (typical 120/80 range). The OB had me log my BP and felt that medication was necessary. I was booked for an appointment with a perinatologist (hope I spelled that right!) the following day for a consult as I have active ulcerative colitis in addition to the high blood pressure so the OB waited for the specialist to medicate. I will have been on the medication for a week and it is still high (although the average has come down a bit premed 160/105 to 150/95-100). I am also logging my weight daily now and at 24 weeks will begin testing for protein in the urine. My questions are:

Is it considered pre-e at this point?
How long did you find before your blood pressure responded to meds?
What are the odds having it this early that the doctor will take me off of work?
What can I expect from now on?

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