Gastric Bypassers!

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : Gastric Bypassers!

Postby chippery » Sun Oct 06, 638926 2:35 pm

So glad to see this post was already out there...

I'm in the final pre-op stages of RNY. I'd also been wondering if it would reduce the chances of Pre-E or not. I've heard mixed answers, but nonetheless, weight is listed as one of the contributing factors. We do plan on TTC 2 years after the surgery assuming everything is ok.

Hopefully there are more women on here that can tune in with their experiences!

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Re : Gastric Bypassers!

Postby kara » Wed Aug 24, 638292 12:09 am

Stacey is absolutely right. Weight "can" be a factor for some women, but it is only one factor. One of the science gals will be along shortly with a better explanation. Extra weigh in and of itself does not cause preeclampsia. Hopefully your weight loss will have some impact for you though!!

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Re : Gastric Bypassers!

Postby staceynw » Tue Aug 23, 638292 9:53 am

The iron thread was mine . . . but I'll comment here as well. I had RNY about four years ago, although mine was considered a "failure." By failure I mean I was diagnosed with an "enlarged stoma". . .my pouch is nonfunctioning. The outlet of the pouch is too large and all the food slides immediately into my intestine and that acts as a "stomach," which allows me to "overeat" (by overeat I mean eat more than the average gastric bypass patient, but less than most people who haven't had it). I struggled to get off 80 pounds, which is only half of my goal. I didn't have any other vitamin deficiencies other than the iron, and that was because of so much blood loss during my pregnancy with my daughter.

I'm not really one to comment on whether or not "weight loss" will prevent the PE because I didn't lose enough to be considered a "normal" weight. However, there are a lot of other factors that go into the risk factor for PE. Reducing weight is certainly helpful, but depending on other factors and a previous history of PE, your risk is probably still significant, regardless of weight loss.

Best wishes with TTC!!!

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Re : Gastric Bypassers!

Postby 4mybabies » Thu Aug 11, 638292 12:58 pm

My sister had PE in her first pregnancy and did not have it in her 2nd. She had gastric bypass in between the pregnancies. I used to work in a pre-op program for gastric bypass patients, I know we used to voice concerns (with the docs) that you need to be very careful with vitamin deficiencies normally and especially during pregnancies. As you know, you are not taking in or absorbing the same amount of calories as before; therefore, you are also not absorbing the same amount of nutrients. In my sister's case, she has gained all of the weight back since her second pregnacy; however, she did not follow the protocol recommended post-op. My father also had the surgery and has kept the weight off despite not following the protocol; however, he did require some serious iron deficiency tx due to malabsorbtion. I would guess that your docs would watch for this/anemia as well. Good luck to you and congratulations on your weight loss.

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Gastric Bypassers!

Postby lkurtz23 » Thu Aug 11, 638292 10:00 am

I was reading on the iron thread that a few of you have had Gastric Bypass surgery.... I have had this too in July 2006 and am currently on maintenance. How many folks are there here who have had weight loss surgery? My husband and I plan to start TTC in the summer, I am hoping that losing all the weight will help to keep my BP down, but you never know. I had pre-eclampsia and a bad case of HELLP syndrome with my son, who is now 3 years old. I have my annual appt with my Ob/Gyn in a few weeks and planned on discussing this all with him, but when I mentioned last year our TTC plans down the line he told me that he doesn't know how my next pregnancy will go. The fact that I am 120 pounds less than the last pregnancy will factor into it, but he said that his experience has gone both ways with Pre-E and HELLP. He's had patients have it really bad for one pregnancy, then subsequent pregnancies were uneventful. He's also had others who had complications in all their pregnancies. He did say though that because of the severity of my issues that I am more at risk for developing them, but because of the weightloss it's hard to compare because I really am a different person in the physical sense.

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