Non-responsive NST - Update

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby ilovecow » Sat May 17, 638302 8:26 am

Congrats on your great appointment and thanks for the update!! I had a nonreactive test today myself (despite drinking coke) -- maybe I should give the AC/DC a try! I'm sure his dad would love it if he learned to love AC/DC. He get him a little AC/DC onesie which is pretty hilarious and cute.

I hope things continue to go well for you and your little one!!!

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby jeansmommy » Sat Apr 12, 638302 8:04 pm

We had our second nonreactive NST today. The first 30-minute session, the baby was pretty much sleeping the whole time except for one little segment where she decided to turn around. That only lasted a few seconds though. Same thing happened last week.

Then, just like last week, they had me lay on my left side AND drink a juice box, and the baby decided to get more active, and then my doctor was reassured.

I told my doc today that I'm going to start bringing a Jamba Juice to these appointments with me in advance to "get the juice in" before the next test! :)

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby mom2chloe » Sat Apr 12, 638302 2:04 pm

I posted this same question a few months ago...and I was a little freaked too. After about 35 weeks things perked up a bit for my little guy, and we rarely had a nonreactive test anymore. I always drank cold water during the test, and that really helped.

And my little guy is the "chillest" baby. Not much gets him worked up. Between the loud music, a little sister, and the loads of family...he isn't bothered by much at all. And remember that is a good thing! :)
Good Luck!

kelly w
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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby kelly w » Wed Apr 02, 638302 1:47 am

LOL! I second [fourth? fifth? LOL!] the advice to snack just before the NST.

My fourth baby was like this - just reeaaalll laid back. She never reacted much. It scared the heck out of me while I was pregnant, but once she was born, boy did I LOVE how laid back she was - easiest baby ever!


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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby willow&sam » Sun Mar 30, 638302 12:52 pm

Thank you everyone for your kind words and sage advice. This site is an oasis of calm in the midst of the chaos of uncertainty that results from waiting to see if PE will rear its ugly head once again.

I'm not really stressing this week - it's more in anticipation of another non-responsive test next week. Stupid of me I know but, what can you do? Thanks to you ladies, I will be showing up next week with a bag full of snacks in one hand, a Starbucks in the other and who knows, maybe a bit of AC/DC or Iron Maiden on the iPod!

Thank you.

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby aldamb » Fri Mar 21, 638302 2:20 pm

I've had a bunch of non-reactive NSTs---he moves around fine, but his heart rate wouldn't accelerate enough. My theory was that Thumper is an athlete---my doctor, wasn't buying that theory, but also hasn't been particularly worried. Usually when I have a non-reactive NST, they throw me on the U/S and check Thumper out that way. I've noticed that as he's gotten "older" Thumper's non-reactive NSTs have decreased---such that lately they've all been reactive. I guess maybe it's just harder to move around in there.

Hang in there---it'll all work out.

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby summerw77 » Fri Mar 21, 638302 12:33 pm

I always drank a starbucks before mine, sorry about your nonreactive one. Hope next weeks is better.

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby jennibug » Thu Mar 20, 638302 1:45 pm

Oh, I forgot to mention food. Eating a ton before you go to the NST helps. They've even fed me while I was there.

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby rachaelann » Thu Mar 20, 638302 5:24 am

at the start of each of my NSTs the nurse always gave me a juice box. they claimed it would help spur activity, it seemed to help. you could try that.

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Re : Non-responsive NST - Update

Postby jennibug » Wed Mar 19, 638302 12:53 am

I wouldn't worry about it, especially if the doctors aren't too concerned. My little girl (born a 1 1/2 weeks ago, severe PE), rarely did well at those NSTs either. But she was just fine. Some babies just don't move much. She even had a couple really scary NSTs where they made me come back that afternoon and started making noises about admitting me to the hospital. She was fine. Just had a bad morning.

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