Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby katevans » Tue Feb 01, 637650 10:00 pm

Hello Everyone. My name is Cathy and I am new to the site. I have found comfort over the past week by coming to the website and reading all of your stories. I went into Pre-clampsia during my 26th week. This was my first pregnancy. Kaitlyn was born 12/16/05 and lived a stong 20 days in the NICU before she became an angel because of NEC. She passed away 1/5/06.

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby charmzy » Tue Feb 01, 637650 5:59 pm

I may have already replied to this, i cant see it but might have.

All boys born in my family in the past 3 generations have been with PE, tho not always diagnosed as so long ago. My grandma had 2 boys that died not long after birth from prematurity... high bp problems. my aunt had 2 boys born prematurely from PE. my other aunt had her boy at term but with PE. I had my son at 31 weeks with pe. also had my daughter at 35 weeks from pih tho.

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby eejm » Fri Aug 13, 637649 8:10 am

I had pre-eclampsia with my son (my only child) in May of 2003. I was induced, but was luckily full term. Thankfully, neither of us had any lasting problems. I was put on magnesium sulfate and ending up having an emergency c-section (for reasons in addition to the pre-eclampsia), but he was fine immediately and I was fine after a few days.

My mother and maternal grandmother also had pre-eclampsia, once each. My mother developed it early in her pregnancy but made it full term. She had high blood pressure (of course) and some problems with her kidneys, but again no lasting problems.

As far as I know, my grandmother had no lasting problems either. From what my mother told me, they restricted her water content back then, thinking that would help with the swelling (this was the 1940s). She was restricted to one cup per day. Yikes!

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby bensmum » Thu Apr 29, 637649 8:58 pm

hi there
i developed preeclampsia at 27 weeks and delivered my son by emergency c section at 31 weeks - he weighed 3 pounds 3 oz. My mother had severe pe when I was born at 38 weeks weighing only 5 pounds exactly - in fact doctors told my father she might not make it - that was in 1964. (Now you know my age!!) My mother was born 7 weeks early in 1941 and weighed 4 pounds exactly - she was my grandmothers only early birth. The doctors said there is likely a genetic link but not yet confirmed. My sister had two perfectly normal pregnancies! My second pregnancy I developed pe at 38 weeks and had an instant emergency c section. We are lucky - our son is now 13 and our daughter 7 - no signs of their early starts!!! Isn't the family history interesting?

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby missgamecock » Tue Nov 17, 637361 1:32 pm

My mom had it with all three pregnancies and with the last pregnancy, she was hospitalized for months. That was in 1980. But when she had me, they actually let you go overdue. I was a month late!!!!! Just when they decided to induce, I decided to come. Iwas born in 1974. My sister was pe free in her pregnancy and was 5 days overdue. My aunt had it on my father's side. Don't know about grandmothers.

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby ceejay » Tue Nov 17, 637361 10:35 am

My Mother had pre-eclampsia when she was expecting me(she was 23yrs), she was hospitalised at 7 months and had to be induced 3 weeks early then went on to have high blood pressure afterwards that lasted until she was 30yrs...she has not suffered with high b/p since!

The strange thing is...exactually the same thing happened to me, i was 22 yrs when i found out i was pregnant, hospitalised at 7 months and had to be induced at 38 wks, and went on to have high blood pressure problems right up until around 4 months ago(im 29yrs)!

I am now pregnant again and so far b/p is normal(as im off meds completely now) only time will tell if i'll be alright this time, my Mother had to be sterelized after me as the Doctor told her she could never have any more children after what she had been through.
Fingers crossed!

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby jenchar » Sat Sep 18, 637351 6:18 am

This is an interesting question!

Well, when I first got pregnant, my doctor asked me about PE history in the family. I thought there was none. Then, all of sudden, I develop PE and my mom is in my hospital room telling me my maternal grandma had it with 3 of 8 pregnancies. I guess it wasn't severe because I don't think they had mag sulfate then. She and the babies survived.

Plus, my mom told me that she had what was called cholestasis of pregnancy (liver problems with jaundice and itching) with her PG with me and one of my brothers. In fact with my brother, she had to be induced 2 weeks early. She said she weighed less post pregnancy than when she started with both of her pregnancies. I don't know much about HELLP because my numbers were always good on LFTs and platelets, but it sounds like maybe my mom did show some signs of PE/HELLP. (HELLP experts, correct me if I'm wrong.)

So, I guess I should have asked! My sister closest in age to me had picture perfect pregnancies with no PE. My other sister hasn't had kiddos yet. She is a bit freaked out since watching me go through it 2 times.

Such is life...

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby lucy » Sat Feb 22, 637349 7:12 pm

My grandma informed me she remebers my mom saying they thought she had toxemia with one of her pregnancies but she didnt know any more for sure so its a possiblity my mom had it as far as I know none of dhs family had it, and my sister never had it in her three pregnancies but she does have high blood pressures problems now or at least did have

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Dh deployed until Dec or longer

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby meg » Mon Feb 10, 637349 9:28 am

My Mom had it with my sister, I got it with my first at 35 weeks, my sister got it with both of hers at 30 and 27 weeks....
I have two daughters and the family history thing worries me so much :(

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Re : Roll Call: Family History of Pre-e or HELLP

Postby mommy2kendall » Thu Nov 21, 637348 11:37 am

My grandmother had PE with her 2nd.
My mother had PE with her first.
I had PE with my first.

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