Babies are Here!

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Re : Babies are Here!

Postby brooklynsmom » Tue Apr 06, 638619 11:42 pm

Congratulations! Glad you are on the road to recovery, and your little miracles are doing well!

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Re : Babies are Here!

Postby trish » Fri Mar 26, 638619 7:12 am

Great job mama!! Glad you are all doing well now. Hope you all get to come home soon. :)

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Re : Babies are Here!

Postby sheri-ct » Fri Mar 26, 638619 6:41 am

Congrats!!!! Job well done!

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julie f
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Re : Babies are Here!

Postby julie f » Fri Mar 26, 638619 2:22 am

Congratulations!!!! I'm so glad that the three of you are healthy - even though it took a little extra to get there!

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Re : Babies are Here!

Postby jokell2 » Thu Mar 25, 638619 11:12 pm

Congratulations!!! Glad to hear you will be home soon!

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Re : Babies are Here!

Postby shierman » Thu Mar 25, 638619 8:08 pm

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that your darling babies are doing so well!

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Re : Babies are Here!

Postby heather j » Thu Mar 25, 638619 7:40 pm

So glad those little bitties are here safe and sound! Congratulations!

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Babies are Here!

Postby jenh » Thu Mar 25, 638619 7:33 pm

Riley Faith got tired of waiting and made her appearance at 9:25 Tuesday morning, after just 5 hours of labor and arriving 2 minutes before the doctor. After a little persuasion, her brother Gavin Arthur followed at 9:49. Mom is thrilled that we avoided a c-section--both came naturally, and Riley made it without any pain meds!

I was able to nurse both of them in the first hour. Riley did really well, Gavin not so much. Gavin ended up having some breathing problems and had to be in the nursery for a while. He's fine now, and both are nursing like champs.

I didn't do as well as either of them. A few hours after they were born, my PE got worse--I was vomitting and really out of it, unable to rouse, and my reflexes were really brisk. My memories of the rest of that day are pretty hazy, but I was put on mag for almost 48 hours. I didn't see the babies again for 24 hours, but then was able to start nursing for short times. I'm feeling better now, hopefully no more setbacks. We hope to be home tomorrow, so I'll be able to post more then.

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