Epilepsy/High Blood Pressure Seizures

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Re : Epilepsy/High Blood Pressure Seizures

Postby chippery » Mon Oct 07, 638926 6:25 pm

Hmmm Interesting answer. The only thing, is that it didn't happen every time I woke up. However, this will definitely be something I watch out for when we TTC again.

Thank you for the quick reply! :)

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Re : Epilepsy/High Blood Pressure Seizures

Postby caryn » Mon Oct 07, 638926 6:02 pm

The seizures in eclampsia aren't driven by the same molecular mechanisms as the seizures in epilepsy, which is why they've quit using the standard anti-seizure drugs on us. They don't work. :) Pregnancy does lower the seizure threshold in people who have them outside of pregnancy, but not because of a connection with PE.

But the waking-up-with-smells thing is *fascinating*. It sounds like a form of synesthesia to me, and I am vaguely remembering reading something that talked about synesthesia in pregnant women. Synesthesia is when your brain links sensory experiences to abstract ideas -- like the number 8 is always orange. The hormones in pregnancy rewire the brain, probably because we have to learn a really hard new task in a few months and have to be better at juggling a newborn baby and everything else. I wonder if the rewiring/overwriting was triggering a kind of synesthesia for you? Waking up smells like smoke? :)

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Epilepsy/High Blood Pressure Seizures

Postby chippery » Sun Oct 06, 638926 1:56 pm

While I was pregnant with my second son (high blood pressure, but protein stopped right before the "Pre-E" mark) there were two or three occurrences when I would wake up in the middle of the night freaking out because I smelt smoke so strong that I thought the house was on fire. I didn't think much of it, except that it could just be hormones. This only happened while pregnant.

Recently, I had to do a sleep study, and mentioned these smells. The doctor started asking me questions to rule out Epilepsy, which he decided I didn't have. However, he did say this was very rare to smell things when waking, usually people visualize things. It didn't seem to matter that it was during a pregnancy to him.

I was just researching Epilepsy, and found this...

"Some factors increase the risk for a seizure in a person with epilepsy.

* Certain prescribed medications
* Emotional stress
* Illness, especially infection
* Lack of sleep
* Pregnancy
* Skipping doses of epilepsy medications
* Use of alcohol or other recreational drugs"

So now I'm linking the Pre-E seizures with epilepsy. I wish I would have taken a blood pressure when I woke up smelling smoke. I can't help but to wonder if maybe a high reading could have been present, and simulated a similar scenario as Eclampsia.


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