For those of you who were induced at 37 weeks

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Re: For those of you who were induced at 37 weeks

Postby heather j » Tue Feb 03, 639237 10:34 pm

I was a repeat section. However, I did have an amnio at 37 weeks - one with each of my last two pregnancies. Both (a girl, then boy) had mature lungs, and I did not have steroids with either of them. FWIW, my 36 weeker was born with no respiratory issues at all and went home after a standard hospital stay. My MFM told me I had about an 80% chance of a mature amnio at 37 weeks. Had it not been mature, we would have waited until 39 weeks for delivery (I did not have a classical like Angie, so waiting until 39 posed no additional risks associated with a hx of a classical cut).
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Re: For those of you who were induced at 37 weeks

Postby angieb » Tue Feb 03, 639237 9:03 pm

My amnio will be 36+1 if everything goes well, and if lungs aren't mature they'll make us wait to deliver until 37 weeks exactly. (They are acting like they will be though, my OB even has my c-section scheduled already for the next day, 36+2.) In my case, they won't let me go farther than 37 weeks because of my classic c-section incision, so they won't re-do the amnio and I don't believe they ever give steroids after 34 weeks, so all they can really do is wait, I guess, but I'll be interested to see what others say.
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For those of you who were induced at 37 weeks

Postby l412angel » Tue Feb 03, 639237 7:32 pm

For those who were induced at 37 weeks, who needed up needing a c section? I dont mind having one...that is the least of my worries, I just am curious.

Also for those who had amnio at 36 or 37 can you share with me if the lungs were mature or not? DId you have steroids? What did they do if lungs were not mature?
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