Anterior placenta and PE

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Re: Anterior placenta and PE

Postby rebecca2 » Thu Dec 10, 639243 10:15 pm

I had a posterior placenta during my 1st & 2nd pregnancies. My first ended with severe PE at 26 weeks and my 2nd was PE free. I'm 29 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy and I have an anterior placenta. So far, no signs of PE. I'm hoping there is no correlation between the two, because I have enough risk factors to worry about without adding anymore. :) FWIW, I did a little research on pubmed when I first found out I had an anterior placenta and didn't see anything.
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Re: Anterior placenta and PE

Postby alexa5 » Sun Nov 15, 639243 10:35 pm

I don't know a thing about the research, but I did have anterior placenta and did get PE.

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Re: Anterior placenta and PE

Postby nov_mum » Sun Nov 15, 639243 11:13 am

I have had two previous PET pregnancies and anterior placentas in both. This time around it is anterior again amd given my history I assume I will get it again. I will be watching this thread with interest.

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Anterior placenta and PE

Postby jurate00 » Thu Nov 05, 639243 5:52 pm

I was wondering if anyone saw/read some research ( if there is such research) on whether there is a link between having anterior placenta and getting PE. I read on some other forum that some doctors tend to think that if you have anterior placenta you are more likely to end up with PE. Amazingly many women who replied (with hx of PE) did have anterior placenta duing their PE pregnancies. I also had anterior placenta and now wondering if there truly is a link. I know women who do have anterior placentas and end up having healthy pregnancies and women who have posterior placenta and still end up having PE. Just wondering if there is increased risk with anterior placenta, could it have something to do with implantation - anterior one not implanting as well ?
Hope my question makes sense.

P.s i am pregnant second time and suspecting I have anterior placenta again, and am worried
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