Is there more I should do?

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Re: Is there more I should do?

Postby karamcd » Sat Dec 01, 639246 9:10 pm

Thank you everyone for your feedback and thoughts. I kept a close eye on myself over the weekend and managed to stay out of the hospital. My BP would get very high, then back to a more normal high range, so I felt I could wait til my appointment on Monday. I did go in earlier than my scheduled appointment to see if I needed closer observation. My labs came back normal and my 24 hour urine was still in the mild range, but because of my symptoms and the fact that my bp is getting worse by the day, we are scheduled for a repeat c section on Wednesday! I will be 36w 1d, so I know there is a chance my boy will need a little help. I can definitely see my body is starting to shut down, so I feel good about going ahead with the section.

Thanks for all your help ladies! The end is so scary and it is wonderful to have people to talk to who (unfortunately) understand completely.


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Re: Is there more I should do?

Postby lapetitemo » Sun Nov 18, 639246 9:57 pm

Wow, your story sounds almost identical to my experience with my first pregnancy, except fast-forward everything by about 3-4 weeks. PIH, put on meds, mild PE diagnosis, bed rest, sudden severe PE with incredible swelling, feeling "off," headache, and BP up to 180/100....that was me. Once my BP hit that range, however, my OB wanted to deliver. I did make it to 39 weeks, but that decision wouldn't have been any different at 35-36 weeks.

If you're consistently getting BPs that high while medicated, you're feeling ill, and you have the headache, I think it's definitely smart to go to L&D. Things can turn very bad very quickly. For instance, I had a great NST the day before delivery, and I was very swollen but feeling fine with medicated BP of 130/85, 0 protein dip (even though we knew my 24 hour was diagnostic). Fewer than 24 hours later, at my appointment, my entire body was swollen beyond belief, I felt "off," my BP was 180/100, and protein was +1. Just a little while later that day, as my induction got underway, I got a headache, had +3 protein on a urine dip, and developed hyperreflexia; because I was lying down for much of that time, though, my BP had come down a bit. If my OB waited 24+ hours after my high (medicated) BP, though, I think I probably would have seized. So, listen to your body and your gut...if you feel that you need to be seen, go.
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Re: Is there more I should do?

Postby caryn » Wed Oct 17, 639246 11:38 am

I'm pretty sure that most MFMs would consider pressures that high on those meds plus a headache to be sufficient reason for in-hospital monitoring. Do you have an MFM overseeing your care? What did your doc say about the headache?
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Re: Is there more I should do?

Postby blythe » Wed Oct 17, 639246 6:38 am

We're definitely here to listen!! Could you call in to L&D and tell them how you're feeling, along with your bp numbers and other symptoms? Since your doctor voiced delivering next week I assume that means he's taking everything seriously, just trying to get a couple more days "inside" for baby. Part of the PF mantra, though, is "know the symptoms, trust yourself" - so if you feel "off" and feel like you should be monitored more closely in the hospital, I know I'd feel better if you at least called and talked to your doctor / L&D.

Hang in there and let us know what they say!
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Re: Is there more I should do?

Postby kellyo19 » Wed Oct 17, 639246 12:40 am

In the US you can just go into L&D for feeling bad - you can tell them you feel fluish or bad headache. I always felt Flu-ish when my BPs were high, with or without a headache. They can monitor your BPs and baby activity better in L&D anyway, and being in a hospital bed is more comfortable than a clinic exam table for resting. Those BPs are quite high for being medicated, so I'd be concerned about that too. More than once I had to remind my OB that there are 2 patients here: me and baby. A mom that's really sick isn't much use to her family post-partum. If you don't think the OB is listening to you, take your partner/husband along or perhaps your mother/sister/friend - frankly I got better care when I brought along someone to help advocate for me, I didn't come across as a freaked out hormonal mom when my husband also stressed how sick I was. (turns out, I'd had a bad UTI for weeks during my 3rd trimester and it was never caught as OB was concentrating on my BPP, NST, and BPs, once the L&D OB on call caught the UTI I felt better once on antibiotics)

As always, the ladies on this board are wonderful support network and post as you need to. HOnestly, I think they helped me through the last few wks!
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Re: Is there more I should do?

Postby jules2 » Mon Oct 15, 639246 2:28 am

I would just go back to L & D and make a fuss again. You feel bad - that's enough reason to go back in. Sometimes symptoms can be the first sign of things getting worse - so for you and your baby's sake just go back in. They should be paying attention to your symptoms as well as BP / lab results, and I'm shocked they are not. Just go in and tell them the headache is awful (or something like that). I would expect to be admitted to hospital for the rest of pregnancy with symptoms and a past history like yours, just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty confident that would happen here in the UK. NB - the BP's you quote don't seem to be "mild" PE to me - and in any case "mild" can worsen to severe so fast.

Good luck and take care
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Is there more I should do?

Postby karamcd » Fri Oct 05, 639246 10:44 pm

I'm not really sure if I handled things right today at my dr. appointment. Little background... I am 35w 2d with a diagnosis of mild pre-e. I have been on strict bedrest since my diagnosis at 31.5 weeks (modified prior to that due to PIH). I have been having NST's 2x a week, BPP 1x a week and PIH panel labs 1x a week. All of those tests have been normal, showing a large baby who is growing well and moving well. Labs have all been fine except for the 24 hour urine that gave me my diagnosis. I've been running trace or negative protein in the office. I am on BP meds that have been somewhat successful at keeping my BP normal, but they are starting to stop working.

Anyway, today I went for my checkup and my BP when I got there was 178/110 :shock: No wonder I was feeling extremely bad. I told the nurse that my bps have been running consistently high (normal on meds is 125/75ish, have been 145/95 for the past week going as high as 150/115). I have gained 6 pounds in the past week although the swelling is not visibly noticeable. The entire time I was at the office, including when I was laying down during my NST, I felt like i was going to pass out and had a terrible headache. I felt extremely "fuzzy" feeling if that makes sense. They retook my BP two times and it was better, but still high (145/98, 148/102). My dr. took labs, and then sent me home with a 24 hour urine to complete and turn in Saturday. Honestly, Ieft in tears because I felt so bad and I couldn't believe they were just sending me on my way. My bp has been better since I've been home, but I still feel the same way when standing or sitting at all- really off.

I really feel like I should have been monitored and labs completed at L&D with BP's this high on BP meds (1500mg Aldoment, 600mg. Labetalol). I know that labs at the hospital come back much quicker- I may not even know the results of my labs or protein test until Monday. He seemed fine with my bp's being on the lower end of high (even though I was really close to that 100 diastolic number). I even offered to go to the hospital to do my 24 hour urine so I could complete it sooner. He said that if my labs come back bad we'll deliver or we will possibly deliver next week.

What else should I do, or should I have done? I don't want to act like I know more than my doctor, but he only seemed concerned about my BP number, not how I was feeling. I am thankful he is doing the labs and such, but I hate that I have to wait so long to find out what might be going on. He just told me again, if my BP goes to 160/100 and won't go down with resting, to come to L&D and we would most likely deliver.

I know all the signs and symptoms of HELLP and Pre-e-- at what point to I ignore my BP numbers and go in because I feel sick? I feel like I have gotten consistently worse the past few days and I don't want to be stuck at home while I wait for my bp to go up.

Not sure if I need answers, advice or just support... it was just a pretty crappy day and I feel frustrated with my care even though I normally really like my doctor. I just feel like he is stuck on the number while ignoring the rest of my symptoms. I will say that I feel slightly better right now, although still not normal or fully "right".

4 Angels waiting to meet us in heaven (3 early m/c, one 17 weeks loss due to placental problems)

Alexa Hope 4/3/08 born at 36w2d due to severe pre-e and signs of HELLP developing

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