High bp after activity

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Re: High bp after activity

Postby caryn » Wed Oct 20, 639249 3:30 am

Here's what our Experts have said about measuring bp: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewt ... f=19&t=321
Science! The articles you don't want to miss:
The Preeclampsia Puzzle (New Yorker) and Silent Struggle: A New Theory of Pregnancy (New York Times)
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Re: High bp after activity

Postby meekonserj » Thu Oct 07, 639249 11:17 pm

I have the same problem. I'm only 31 weeks but have been dealing with high bp for the past 2 months... But while I'm laying down my bp goes down emmensly. I was just in L&D for a few days and finally the doctor got the point across to the nurses that they need to take my bp laying down, sitting up, and then standing. It was crazy the way it went from 135/87 to 147/92 (sitting) to 167/106(standing). He immediately said no matter what you will be on strict bed rest where I do not want you even standing up. So he does realize that there is something major going on but in order to keep this little girl in as long as possible we are going to try this. I will most likely end up on hospital bedrest eventually but I would like to stay home with my fur babies and hubby as long as possible!
Sooo that being said, I know they need to take you more seriously. Especially when you are demanding certain tests and they aren't giving to you. I know you say that you have demanded these things so I don't know what to tell you! Your way too far along to change, but you deserve proper care! I would keep calling and try to get to talk to someone higher up. Maybe first try to talk to him one more time and ask "why can't I just take a 24 hour test? It's not for your piece of mind it's for mine. I'm doing the peeing, your not. And my insurance is paying for it, it's not like this is coming out of your pocket. So why can't I just take it???? "
I thought that doctors had to respect your wishes if you demand something. This really irritates me that your ob just is not listening. I had an ob just like this and about 2 months ago I finally ditched him and now am finally getting some real care!
Good luck! Keep us updated!
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Re: High bp after activity

Postby kellyo19 » Thu Mar 28, 639247 10:11 am

First, like PP said, your BP needs to be taken while seated upright, upper arm at heart level, feet flat on floor, after sitting quietly for a minute or two. Refuse to lay down on left side, tell them that you have severe heartburn that makes you nauseous if you lay down (I always said this at L&D, got a little sympathy that way, and the #s were more indicative of what was going on, if they really got pushy, I'd put a pillow under my right hip and semi-recline which was close to my sitting-up numbers). Second, if they're not listening you, take your partner, a friend, your mom or sister, etc with you. Having another person there to help you advocate for your care somehow makes your symptoms much more valid. I got way better care when my hubby was a squeaky wheel, never mind I had to coach him on the drive across town to the hospital. ;) Demand a 24-hr test, I always told my OB or the one on call "I'm the one peeing in a cup to pour into the jug, there's no needles, the test is cheap compared to most, and for my peace of mind, I want to know where I'm at. Order the test, please, and if you don't think its necessary I want to know why, in detail, you don't want to order the test. Then ask for a copy of that discussion before you leave." Usually, it was much easier for them to check off that box on the lab form than to get into a discussion with me.

Another thing, the flashing vision lights, that could indicate central nervous system involvement and swelling on the optic nerve. My eyes were very sensitive to BP changes... I had undiagnosed PE and IUGR with my first, which resulted in a retina detachment when my oldest was 6 mos old (the BPs triggered a dormant eye condition into active stage, I'm still dealing w/ this and my oldest is 6.5 yrs old now), and when I had my son a few yrs later, my eyes were always signalling high BPs before I checked w/ my home monitor. This needs to be looked at carefully and w/ serious consideration. At the least, get a referral to a specialist at a larger medical center that happens to have a NICU. These centers tend to handle the eye thing more carefully. Another red flag that caught L&D's attn is the "I feel like I have the flu, everything aches"

If you don't like the care at the OB's office, go to L&D. THey have to take your concerns seriously and have to follow up with labs and protein checks. I was at L&D about 8 times before my son was born, they knew me on first-name basis by delivery day. I didn't care, the end result was a healthy baby and a healthier mom. Keep the end goal in mind, squeak as loud as you need to, if something bad were to happen its your family and you that has to deal with it. I hope this helps, and don't be afraid to advocate for good medical care. You deserve it.
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Re: High bp after activity

Postby tracym » Tue Jan 29, 639247 1:56 pm

I'd go back to the dr, explain that although your bp may be great when laying down, realistically you're not able to rest at home and therefore your bp is elevated a great deal of the time. I would also ask them to document your request and their refusal of a 24 hour urine test in your notes. I'd also refuse to lay down for a bp, you should be sitting with your feet flat on the floor.

At 37 weeks, I'd expect them to be a little proactive to any new or increasing symptoms. Good luck

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High bp after activity

Postby mommy2js » Mon Jan 28, 639247 9:15 am


This is my first post, though I've been doing a lot of research reading old posts. I am wondering if I should be pushing for more testing or just trust the drs with their laid back approach.

I have a history of a mild non-textbook pre-e with my first pregnancy. I was about 34 weeks when my bp started spiking to the 140/90 range (I usually run around 100-110/60) and my lips were swollen and tingly. My OB sent me to a MFM for NST and at my first NST I had a headache that wasn't budging, a bp of 145/85 and my amniotic fluid was low. So I delivered via c-section that same day at 35.4 weeks.

Fastforward to now. I started having the same swollen lips and bp spikes around 34 weeks again. I went to the hospital and got put on bedrest. Because my bp's were low while laying in the hospital bed. I am a SAHM with a 2 year old so staying down isn't that easy. My protein always dips negative at the dr's office so they refuse to do a 24 hr even though I've requested it SEVERAL times. My bloodwork has came back negative the two times I went to the hospital demanding bloodwork, but the dr's (I am seeing an OB and MFM this time) refuse to run anymore bloodwork because everything "looks fine". The problem is, my bp spikes about 75% of the time when I get up. Just going to the bathroom, I come back take my bp it's anywhere from 140/80-163/95. I told my dr's about this and they said that isn't my real bp and I need to lay down on my left side for a while before taking my bp...which always takes it back down to 120/75. But shouldn't we be more concerned that doing ANY type of activity is spiking my bp? Isn't just laying down on my left treating the symptom and not the true reason it's happening?

I am 37 weeks now and have a repeat c-section planned for 39 weeks. But I'm concerned that they aren't taking my other symptoms seriously. Everytime I'm up, my eyes are a little blurry with flashing lights and I get dizzy with a pounding headache. I am swelling more and more everyday. Not the serious swelling that the dr's seem to only care about, but swelling enough to be uncomfortable...its getting harder to walk on my feet. Not to mention I just feel like something isn't right. BUT as long as my bp goes down while I'm laying down, they don't seem to care. Should they?


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