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Re: PE, IUGR and SPD

Postby kellyo19 » Sat May 20, 639262 5:10 pm

Oh, my, sounds like my daughter.
is always on the go, historically found/finds it difficult to sleep, hates loud noises, hates being strapped in the car, hates clothes, etc
My daughter must run on some wonderful batteries, she's either sleeping or running around. Sleep is an issue, getting her down sometimes takes 1+ hrs, but once she's out she's out until we wake her up. Loud noises in large groups (like weddings) bother her and overwhelm her - she goes into sensory overload. The only solution is to take her out for a break or go home after a shorter stay. The carseat battles started at about 1 yr and continued until she was about 4. Any car rides lasting longer than an hr test her (and us). I've found that a variety of toys and occasional breaks help. She picks out her own clothes - usually soft sweatpants or yoga pants, but there's a brand out there called Soft CLothing for all children (at that helps those with seam troubles.

My OT describes SPD as sensory troubles that interfere with daily function and ability to play and learn. We all have preferences and aversions, but when it interferes with normal development, its a reason to be concerned.

PM me if you need more info or want to talk further...
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2011: I'm undergoing neurological testing. Praying for the best!

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Re: PE, IUGR and SPD

Postby riehlism » Thu Apr 27, 639262 4:05 pm

In the US we call that Sensory Integration deficits/disorder. Here, pediatric physical therapists help with sensory integration. It's a specialty branch of physical therapy, although I believe they are referred to as physiotherapists on your side of the pond. Good luck.
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Postby cmac » Wed Apr 26, 639262 12:40 am

Hi all,

I am a newbie here with a 3 year old (PE, IUGR) who was delivered at 36 weeks weighing 3lb. Obviously, we have been through a lot from early days at SCBU with hypoglycemia, hypothermia, milk allergies, digestion problems, poor feeding and growth. I had a problem with my placenta due to PE - it was tiny - and I was very interested by another member's post whose OT told her that placental problems where associated with SPD.

The reasons for the post is that I would like to get some comments/feedback from other moms. My daughter is not delayed gross motor wise or developmentally. From what I read, we are lucky in that respect. However, it is apparent that she is not a run of the mill child: is always on the go, historically found/finds it difficult to sleep, hates loud noises, hates being strapped in the car, hates clothes, etc. I have read a lot about Sensory Processing Disorder and whilst there are things which stand out to me (like late with language - which she was) there are elements which do not suit her situation and elements that appear to be universal to all preschoolers in some respect and hence the advice. I am wondering whether anyone can tell me the diagnostic criteria for diagnosis? When it can be accurately diagnosed? Are there controversies around this? Any organisations in the UK as I would like to do a bit of digging?

It is also obvious to me that she could be quite easily misdiagnosed as having ADHD - as she does not stop - but, this is becoming less pronounced with good handling at home as time passes. Someone inexperienced however, might consider her ADHD and that worries me a great deal. For example, her teacher says, "what do you feed her, rocket fuel?, etc". All advice very welcome.

Anxious mum! x

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